• PJohn Posted: 9/28/2008 2:05am PDT

    Not big on a variety of vehics, but i love my 2000 kia sportage. was thinking of buyin a tahoe, but for the money, and specs i can get a borrego, save gas and stay with my choice of kia. it has the safety features, third rows, towing, excellent warranty, plus all the points i look for when researching a vehicle.

  • Maliss Posted: 9/9/2008 1:07pm PDT

    OK Drtbikr, I agree, YESSS my Kia Sorento (which I kept) is great just puurchased the Borrego and loving it.....

  • Drtbikr Posted: 8/1/2008 2:27pm PDT

    Billy, way to go. I agree completely. I was a long time Japanese SUV buyer/owner and changed to a US made Jeep vehicle in 2002. And guess what, what a misstake,I will never buy US again. Nothing but problems. I can't wait o get my KIA Borrego. Yo, JKD wake up and smell the Starbucks.

  • Billy Posted: 7/24/2008 2:13pm PDT

    JKD, screw you, it's losers like you that get taken advantage of by these lame American companies who continues to play the "patriot" games with us, the citizens with real patriotism. They say buy American, yet all the do is screw their fellow citizens and their employees. Until they straighten out, I'm never supporting an American car company again. Greed and patriotism don't belong together. An American revolution...yea for their execs to make money.

  • JKD Posted: 7/22/2008 1:18pm PDT

    Anyone getting this Kia (provided they truly need a frame V8 truck) instead of a superior Tahoe for the same price at 10K discount would make a mistake. Chevy is just a better deal right now - screw Kia.

  • Razvan Posted: 7/22/2008 5:10am PDT

    it's a fair deal for the money