• Marty Padgett Posted: 7/15/2008 6:01pm PDT

    I'm with the doubters. If GM and Toyota couldn't do it, what makes it possible for Fisker and Tesla, other than a bunch of VC money? Lutz, on this morning's GM call, said these companies are essentially moving to the GM/Toyota mold for their sedans and pricing them significantly higher than either a Prius or a Volt, so where's the win?

  • PG Posted: 7/15/2008 5:23pm PDT

    I believe that the present OEMs would be making these type cars if it were that easy. Wait until Fisker actually delivers a car and see what the actual performance, actual economy, and actual cost is. It may not live up to claims.
    Dreams are great, but it is much harder to mass produce an automobile than many believe.

  • Eddie Posted: 7/15/2008 1:56pm PDT

    Making low volume, hand built luxury cars is one thing and mass producing cars is another. The technology is there and it can be done but the question becomes if there is a large and profitable market for a 100-MPG car that costs $100K! GM claims the Volt will not cost less than $40K. Don't you think if GM was able to crank out Chevy Cobalts with 40 or 50 MPG engines for $15K that they wouldn't do it? A small company can do it because they don't have the operation scale and cost that GM has, not to mention their Union contract obligations. I'm not making up excuses but I understand how complicated it is to move from where we are now to where we need to be. Management incompitance is just ONE part of the equation.

  • ACURA23CL Posted: 7/15/2008 11:35am PDT

    This just proves that it truly is the intention of the company the steers what the company will do. GM has been in business for years selling the ignorant American public low-quality gas guzzlers, and now they are reaping what they sewed. They [GM] claims they have just made such a huge breakthrough with the Volt, getting around 50 mile electric-only range. Henrik Fisker saw their 50 miles and rasied them 100 mpg fuel economy out of a f**kin' luxury sedan!!! Fisker is a small start-up company, and GM is a giant! Are you serious?!?! I feel bad for all the people losing their jobs and taking pay cuts from GM and Delphi plants that will close as a result on GM's irresponsibility, but they [GM fat-cats, not the workers0] deserve every bit of what's happening to their company!
    This article proves that if you want to do something, and put great effort towards it, it can be done. It's also proves that time and time again GM has placed fuel economy, technology, quality, and innovation on the backburner, far behind the almighty dollar! Well who's gonna be getting those dollars now, and look who's losing them?