• willyj Posted: 6/30/2008 11:54pm PDT

    The Car, HYPE, Technology,Price, at a minimalist perspective, is uninviting, unimpressive, shows lack of engineering abilities, [ and ] so-on!.
    It is a media catch all: to sell: what is never going to be produce, unless; your are willing to give up your; friends, family, all that you possess. More for the ""Glam"" boys[***] whom had to steel what the have, from every one including children.
    This garbage will never sell, alas for only to insult the intelligences, of those that earn there money in an honest fashion, any one willing to associated them self, with the name **Tesla **, also!, acknowledges, that they will lie and steel also!.
    Sorry so sorrowful, this vehicle is, and they are testing for what, who[whom] remember when, what where, so the can be expediently Dispatched??. Not worth what they are paying for the add space!.