• RM Posted: 6/25/2008 6:26pm PDT

    if you think your getting 30mpg in that 1.5L then you must be driving 50mph on the freeway. the new xB with it's 2.4l motor is getting 27-31mpg without wheezing to pass cars or go uphill at 70-75mph. 22-28mpg is the new epa rating for mileage and if they used the old rating it would show 25-33mpg.
    a majority of Scion buyers are parents buying the cars for their kids and that does not show in any registration report. as long as they keep the price point below $20k they will always get the parents wanting a reliable, safe car for their kids.

  • Cyrus EM Posted: 6/24/2008 2:50pm PDT

    Scion is an example of a company not being able to sell to a certain age group and creating a new brand to attact young new buyers. Like Saturn, Lexus, Acura and before them Plymouth, Desoto and Imperial, creating a new brand is a way for a car manufacturer to fix something it feels in can't fix internally. While Saturn and Lexus have become successes (Saturn only recently thanks to gas prices), they represent a loss to the car manufacturer that prefers to back down than to compete. GM does not need 10 brands to compete, it chooses not to do so. That's why the closest thing to something cool in a Toyota dealership is a gas guzzling FJ Cruiser. Toyota's Scion brand was successfull at first with neat new models but the shine is lost and it's only a matter of time before Toyota has to broaden the brand, most likely with cars it sells only in Japan. That's not success, it's an expensive band aid.

  • Gordon Posted: 6/24/2008 11:04am PDT

    I was 41 when I bought my new 2005 xB, which is the best car I've ever owned. So much for Scion's original demographic. I traded an unreliable 2002 VW Passat to get the xB, and it will be a long time before I ever own another VW.
    My 'old' xB gets 30 MPG in town, way better than the 22 MPG offered by the new xB. Mr. Hollis may say Scion will offer 'high-mileage' cars, but the new xB isn't one of them.