• Fullspeed Posted: 6/2/2008 8:59pm PDT

    { "" Damn them torpedo's ""} full speed ahead"". {????? }.
    Just further PROOF: that who ever or what ever is running the Auto industry in North America: Is not! , running it at all.
    They are full throttle headed: for hell and damnation, [via] "" RUINING" !! , THE INDUSTRY COMPLETELY!.
    Ford and their Financier[s], need to get!: their heads!, out from ""WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE"', then take notice that they; are ramming head long into the world of two[2] wheels:{ motorcycles and there ilk}.
    They are TRULY Certain !! , TOO loose this fight, Food lines !! , all associated with the auto empires????.
    Who needs a ROLLERSKATE at the Price they are "" CHARGING" ???? NO ONE AT ALL!.
    Than there Insurance, The State fees etc etc etc, ??? any thing that size on four wheel[ s] is worthless and useless!!.
    SafetyHA HA HA !! !! , last laugh On The consumer no doubt?????.

  • James Posted: 6/2/2008 4:53pm PDT

    As much as Ford needs the Fiesta now, they should consider the even smaller Ka.
    Memo to Mulally: It's past time to stop being reactionary and start being proactive. 35-mpg (and higher) CAFE waits for no one, plus some alarmists are already predicting $6.00/gallon gasoline after the next hurricane hits.
    If even Mexico is too expensive to build a Ka car, why not build it in China or India, both places where Ford already has established operations.