• Flobank Posted: 5/27/2008 6:48am PDT

    Little correction. The Porsche bid is not dead yet. Federal Gov. plans to issue a law that protects the state of saxony but lawmakers in the upper house/congress are not keen on passing it. At the same time the EU has already hinted that they will outlaw it directly. So it is more a when issue for Porsche not an if. Federal Gov. stands no chance under EU rules to uphold the law.

  • Paul Posted: 5/27/2008 12:13pm PDT

    Thanks for your comment, Flo. I think I made it clear that the fate of the deal could likely reside in the EU court system -- see my last graf. But there are political reasons why the EU might also sidestep the matter. There've been a number of other issues of such protectionism, as you know. Italy immediately comes to mind, and then France. To my knowledge, the courts have not intervened to the level that such moves have effectively all been blocked. At least not yet.