• Jim Sanders Posted: 3/27/2008 6:59pm PDT


    It's a tough choice, because the Sti is pretty funky-looking.

    I recently stood in the dealership showroom looking at the new Sti and after 20 minutes, I still couldn't decide if I thought it looked OK, or if I really hated it.

    It's weird.

    But with the new BMW 135i coming out, I think Mitsu and Subie are going to have a hard time charging $35-40K for the Evo or the Sti.

    They've gone upmarket, but I'm not sure the yuppie crowd wants these cars.

  • Srikanth Janga Posted: 4/1/2008 5:22pm PDT

    I recently bought a gray '08 EVO GSR. I chose the vehicle after test driving the STI and the EVO (which was very hard to get might I add). The EVO felt just wonderful in hilly slopes and curves of northern pittsburgh where I live. The steering is amazing. It is definitely a rougher ride than the STI, but I do not mind the rough ride to be honest, it is not as bad as it is cracked up to be. Since I moved up from a crappy old camry, the STI and the EVO both felt just as rough as the other. But again, I was looking forward to that sporty ride. Another deal breaker was the legroom and the trunk space. The EVO simply had more to offer at the price I was willing to pay. As for the above reader's comment, I do not believe the 135i is something Mitsu and subie would have to worry about. It is a much smaller car which might actually end up being heavier due to its bigger engine, dual turbo and BMW's general attachment to heavy luxury materials. Either way, I am sure they are all great cars for their own market niche, but at the end of the day, I feel the EVO is more hardcore than any of the other two.


  • C. Perry Posted: 6/16/2008 1:53pm PDT

    Ok. After reading extensive reviews and test driving both the new STI and the new Evo, I purchased the STI. I bought the charcoal gray STI and, to me, the STI just looks more sophisticated, inside and out, than the Evo. The STI's styling is very bold and, at a glance, it looks unlike anything on the road, which is something I appreciate. I seem to get a lot of stares and "thumbs-up" signs while driving the STI. The Evo's styling, on the other hand, looks nice, but it's a bit commonplace and is easily confused with other 4-door sedans at a glance, namely, Mitsu's Lancer. Inside, the materials of the STI had a better fit, finish and overall substance, in my opinion, than the Evo too. Driving-wise, the STI is less of a rough ride thatn the Evo, but is still plenty responsive and has a “planted”/solid feel at high speeds. The STI is a pleasure to drive because the seats are more comfortable for longer distance driving. It also has 3 different driving modes depending on what type of driving you want to do - Intelligent/everyday vs. Sport vs. Sport Sharp, a cutting edge racing type driving mode that'll gobble up a tank of 93 octane like nobody's business! The Sport Sharp mode is like flipping a nitrous switch and boosts the already awesome acceleration over 3500 rpm. The Evo's seats are a bit hard, and are essentially racer-boy Recaros, which are fine if you want to be a poser/wanna-be racer, but not much practicality for every day driving. Due to its hatchback design, there's a ton more cargo space in the STI than the Evo too, especially when you drop the back seats forward (which I don't think you can even do in the Evo). I mean, I couldn't even fit a single set of golf clubs in the back of the new Evo, whereas I could easily fit a single set of clubs in the back of the STI, and probably two additional sets with the seats down. The STI is just a better, all-around small sports car (I'd even say it's a poor man's Porsche 911 Carrera 4 due to its AWD and boxer engine) than the Evo. I mean, I actually have the little woman thinking that our new STI is a great family car, which is a tough sell with the Evo and its obvious racer-boy charm. If you're really on the fence about which one to go with, just employ a little common sense and ask yourself if you will primarily be driving your car on the track or on the street. If on the track, go with the Evo, if on the street, definitely go with STI. You will not be disappointed. As for the new baby BMW, I don't honestly believe it's in the same class as the STI and Evo. I haven't seen a BMW in any rallies lately, and given their maintenance costs over the long term, I think anyone would be foolish to buy one.

  • ty Posted: 8/25/2008 5:29pm PDT

    the sti looks great in my opinion, and it sounds alot better. Also it is also quicker to 60 in some reviews.

  • simon Posted: 8/5/2009 9:57pm PDT

    I have driven both, as well as Evo 9 and previous STi over the past 10 years. I am allowed to have them as company cars. I enjoy the EVO at 9/10 10/10 driving, but its down right frustrating (even in the 10) if you don't have the turbo spooled up. Often I have found myself in the wrong gear at the wrong time.
    The Sti is happy to be driven in traffic, and is only marginally "slower" at 9-10 tenths driving.
    I find it better on broken,undulating roads than the evo- whos computer seems to tell you "you can't do that." Evo is a track car IMO
    My current Sti has some further enhancements to and is a nice drive even for a 50 year old, and yes with the windows down the Sti exhaust note still brings a smile to my dial...

  • fb_100003654543384 avatar Mark Posted: 6/2/2012 3:20am PDT

    The Evo is a track car ,its more agile and higher reving from what I have read .The STI has more than enough perfomance on public roads and mere tenths of a second slower than the Evo on any track .A few modifications and the results are completely diffrent.