• Dave Suton Posted: 3/4/2008 12:11pm PST

    You couldn't give me another Toyota after suffering throught he FAMOUS TOYOTA ENGINE SLUDGE FIASCO. I don't care what the miniscule extra cost for the competitors vehicles are. Piece of mind knowing that I'm going to arrive at my destination is reason enough to avoid Toyota altogether. I have a Dodge Ram with over 200k trouble free miles on it. The Camry I had blew its engine at 12k. Toyota quality right?

  • J.M. Seeley Posted: 3/4/2008 4:48am PST

    OK, so how much does the Prius Hybrid cost when you factor in replacing the battery pack? I could be wrong, but I'd be tempted to bet the Cobalt would win at that point by a considerable sum.

  • Avid Auto Enthusiast Posted: 2/29/2008 7:30pm PST

    One need only look at a comparibly equiped 4, 5 or 6 year old Toyota Tacoma and a Ranger, S10 or Dakota for validation of the enormous disparity in residual value.

  • Tote Posted: 2/29/2008 7:25pm PST

    Lets see, the ES350 is the same as a V6 camry, so why should it cost more to maintain? You could take it to any Toyota dealer and they could do the maintenance and it would satisfy the Warranty requirements.

    I take mine to a Toyota dealer and they do the Oil change and Tire rotation and all of the inspections for less than $50...

    Also, my son has a RAV4 V6 with the same engine as my ES350 and he is constantly telling me what a great car it is.