• brian Posted: 2/7/2008 9:16pm PST

    Um, for $76,000 I can get a well-equipped Mini Cooper S and a Lotus Elise...
    ...and for $93,000, I can get two Lotus Elises. (Loti Elisi?)


  • John Posted: 2/8/2008 9:26am PST

    why not just buy an Audi TT Cabrio?

  • mike Posted: 2/8/2008 11:30am PST

    An interesting car. I am all about minimalist design and ferocious performance. But for the money? No, Give me an Ariel Atom any day of the week.

  • Dee Posted: 2/8/2008 1:32pm PST

    I saw one in person last year at an event at Road Atlanta. Fit and finish were oaky on an obviously early car but the power-to-weight ratio sounded great ......and the car sounded pretty good, too.

  • Fred Bonacci Posted: 2/8/2008 3:09pm PST

    I rather have the Corvette.

  • Andy Strauber Posted: 2/8/2008 5:21pm PST

    for $93000,, I would rather have a Tesla

  • William J Toensing Posted: 2/9/2008 6:46am PST

    I have to say "NO" to any new car that costs $30,000 let alone $75,000 to $90,000. I don't need a car that goes 0 to 60 in 4 or less seconds. If I had that kind of money, I would go for a Porsche 911 or other Porsche. I would be satisfied with a Saturn Sky, Pontiac Solstice, or Mazda Miata for much less money.

  • billgreen Posted: 2/9/2008 7:42am PST

    a blower is a supercharger, not a turbo

  • UtahLuxury.com Posted: 2/9/2008 6:23pm PST

    I would say yes to a yes... if it were given to me. What I want is the new Fisker sports car that goes 0-60 in less than 4 and gets 50 MPG!!

  • Car Parts Guy Posted: 2/10/2008 8:44pm PST

    Cool car, but at that price why not just splurge another $15,000 and get the Tesla Roadster? Similar performance, but with a cool factor that the Yes doesn't have.

  • Paul Corsa Posted: 2/11/2008 5:04pm PST

    I'd do the Monster Miata thing with a Roush Ford V8 in a Miata and spend the rest 50K or so traveling the U.S.

  • DonYan Posted: 2/11/2008 7:41pm PST

    YES it's expensive, Yes it's uggly (Ach!!!), Yes I don't like...should be called NULL !!!

  • Tote Posted: 2/12/2008 6:58pm PST

    Hey billgreen,
    A blower is a supercharger. A turbo is a supercharger. However you drive it, a supercharger is a blower.

    Also, I agree with DonYan it is uggly, vastly overpriced, and NO would have been a better name.

    At least it runs, something that cannot be said for the GM Volt or Denali XT.