Buying Guides

Use our car buying advice to get the best deal on your next purchase. Learn how to negotiate with new-car dealers and what to look for when buying a used car. Plus, research the most dependable cars and trucks, learn which models have the best and worst resale values and find out which vehicles are most popular among our users.

Child Car Seat Guide

All the latest information on child car safety, from how to find the best value, safety tips, cost information, legal guidelines, and more advice. Read More »

Guide to Understanding VIN

A VIN or (Vehicle Identification Number) is a string of ID numbers that a car manufacturer assigns to every vehicle. You can usually find the VIN for your car stamped on a metal plate attached to driver's side door jamb. Learn more about what a VIN is and how to use it to check a vehicle history as you consider a used car. Read More »

Used Car Buying Guide

There are many things to consider when buying a used car, including assessing reliability, vehicle history, and the potential value versus purchasing a new car. This Used Car Buying Guide gives you the tools that you need to get started, including the art of the negotiation process when buying a used car. Read More »

Car Selling Guide

The Car Connection's Car Selling Guide helps to demystify the process around selling your car, providing you with valuable tips, advice, and an insider's take on everything you need to know to sell your car quickly while obtaining maximum value. Read More »

Car Shopping Guide

This Car Shopping Guide will give you all the tools you need to get the right car for you at the best possible price. From deep insight into how car dealers operate to understanding all of your car research options, we've got you covered. Read More »