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TheCarConnection Trivia: June 2, 2006


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1. Which carmaker helped Harley-Davidson develop its first water-cooled motorcycle engines?

2. The term “R&R” is often seen on a vehicle repair order.  What does it mean?

3. In this 1980s TV series, Laura Holt (Stephanie Zimbalist) drove a white Volkswagen convertible.

4. Name the promising young actor who died in a Porsche Spyder in 1955?

5. This 1930s American luxury car had an archer as a hood ornament.

6. Name the first front-engine, water-cooled Volkswagen model sold in the United States .  What was its first model year?

7. What do truckers call the coiled electrical cable that connects tractor and trailer?

8. What nickname was given to the C-pillar windows on the 1956 Thunderbird hardtop?

9. Which U.S. carmaker was the first to offer air conditioning?  When?

10. Which carmaker adopted the ad slogan "Driving in its purest form"?


















1 Porsche

2. Remove and replace

3. “Remington Steele”

4. James Dean

5. Pierce-Arrow

6. Dasher, 1974

7. Pigtail

8. Portholes

9. Packard, 1940

10. Porsche



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