2015 Volkswagen CC Comfort & Quality

On Comfort & Quality

With the CC's coupe-like appearance and dimensions come a few coupe-like compromises. There's less space inside, the rear seat is difficult to get in and out of compared to a more upright four-door, and the driving position is lower than some folks used to sedans might like.

Realistically, though, unless you frequently carry taller adults in the backseat, the CC's fashion-forward nature doesn't become a big problem. We see the CC working best for those who plan to carry a child or two in back, or who generally drive alone, with the back seat adding more flexibility than a two-door would.

A spacious trunk and supportive three-across rear seats are better selling points than the CC's low front buckets and the slim headroom in back.

There are definitely some things to be critical about with respect to the packaging, though. Headroom is a bit tight, especially in the rear, and you'll either love or hate the driving position—the seat is low to the floor and has large side bolsters that create a scoop. The three-passenger back seat is comfortable, but headroom is tight and the curvy roofline makes for a small door opening.

But there's also a lot to love--again with the caveat that you don't plan to stuff adults in the back seat. The rear seatbacks flip forward to expand cargo space when needed; there's also a well-placed pass-through at the armrest for long items like skis; and there are some useful cubbies and bins scattered around the cabin. Interior trim pieces look and feel like those in a luxury vehicle, the ride is comfortable and controlled, and the trunk is huge.

The frameless door system, a coupe staple, has another advantage: after the door is closed, the window is shut tight up against the seal, which effectively minimizes wind noise.

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