2014 Land Rover Range Rover Styling

On Styling
Brand-new last year, the 2014 Range Rover wears its snazzy new looks unchanged into the new model year--though it gains some size in long-wheelbase (LWB) form, and dresses up in the latest designer upholstery for the Autobiography Black edition.

While the new look last year wasn't as dramatic a change as you'll find at some other brands, it is a completely new shape and theme, if executed in heritage proportions. The instant recognizability of the silhouette remains, even though the windshield has been laid back, the front end smoothed out for aerodynamics, and the details changed at almost every point.

At first blush, the Range Rover looks long, but in SUV terms, it's rather low-slung and lithe. Slimmer-seeming roof pillars help lighten the look, complementing the rounder, smoother surfaces.

The new Range Rover's lighter, more modern style is the essence of elegance, from the inside out.

Nowhere is the updated look more obvious than at the nose, where the Range Rover's slimmer LED headlamps flank a trim mesh grille and faired-in fog lamps. The overall effect gives up some of the rugged off-road appeal in favor of a more sophisticated urban look.

At the rear, the bottom of the SUV sweeps upward, a purposeful nod to the original Range Rover and a decided step away from the blocky, squared-off look seen in Range Rovers when the company was under the BMW Group's ownership. Visually, the tapered tail takes weight and bulk out of the rather large--especially in LWB form--Range Rover.

Inside the Range Rover, the look is true to its heritage, but updated to suit modern tastes--and technologies. Two large LCDs dominate the driver's view of the dash, with one taking the place of a traditional instrument cluster. In the center console, a large touchscreen display sits above the manual climate and system controls, and while the display's interface is cleaner and more elegant than in years past, it's still not likely to win the hearts of many Apple devotees. Thumb controls mounted on the steering wheel fortunately offer remote access to many functions.

Throughout the cabin you'll find rich wood trim, supple leather, and elegant metal that rivals the likes of Bentley. An incredible selection of finishes, materials, and colors are available, allowing you to customize the Range Rover to be truly unique--from the hushed and understated tones of a traditional Range Rover to the audaciously gorgeous, rich hues--rendered in even finer leathers--of the Autobiography and Autobiography Black.  

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