2014 Infiniti QX70 Styling

On Styling

If you need a four-door family vehicle--something that will pass as family-practical--but crave something more visually interesting, the QX70 is a crossover that will fit that bill. It's curvaceous and bold, and evidence that a crossover wagon doesn't need to look like a utility vehicle.

The QX70 is downright voluptuous on the outside, with its coupe-like, curvy look, while it's warm and inviting inside, with materials that would also be at home in a high-end touring coupe.

The Infiniti QX70 is a rare, unanimous styling success in an awkward niche.

Change is something this vehicle hasn't needed: its smooth take has stayed fresh, probably because its few rivals haven't succeeded in pulling off the same cross-over appeal. Only the Range Rover Evoque cuts the utility shape into such an interesting new pattern, and it's angular where the QX70 is bulbous, organic.

While the QX70 design goes back to the 2009 Infiniti FX, and it hasn't changed all that much since, it still looks contemporary and like nothing else. The front end was updated with a new grille and headlamps a couple of years ago, while Infiniti hasn't done anything to spoil the carefully sculpted exterior.

If there's one flaw with the design, it's that the exterior of the QX70 isn't quite as clean as the design as the sheetmetal deserves. Busy details clutter a few surfaces, especially in the distracting surfaces molded into the taillights and headlights, and the ducts cut into the front fenders.

Inside, the QX70 is warm and inviting, and with a beltline that runs around the cockpit layout, transitioning seamlessly into the door panels, there's not only a great, distinctive design theme, but such premium, top-lux details and materials--things like quilted leather and wood trims that aren't overly processed.

The rich, elegant look has only one inadequacy, and that's in the layout of the instrument panel; with the lack of an all-encompassing interface like iDrive or MMI, it's also undeniably more cluttered. Although depending on your feelings about such interfaces, that might be a plus.

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