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With four seats, the Nissan GT-R makes two rare concessions to practicality. It's almost impossible to name another supercar with a pair of rear seats, other than the Porsche 911 Turbo--and the GT-R's actually have real leg room.

It's no grand tourer, but the Nissan GT-R works better than almost every other supercar in terms of comfort and space. It starts in front, where the bucket seats are wide and comfortable--specially selected for the American market, as it turns out. They're supportive, too, right there in Corvette territory. They're also power-adjustable and wear perforated leather, and they're accessible. Getting in and out of the GT-R is much easier than in some other 200-mph supercars.

Rear seats are cramped, but the Nissan GT-R's dressy new cockpit corrects its worst fault.

It's better than most passengers will think when they look at the back seats. They're just more usable than in any other car that's anywhere near as fast. Two kids will fit fine in back, but the sloping roof is what limits adult space in back even more than the lack of leg room. You'd have to move into cars like the Maserati GranTurismo to find better four-seat space, unless you're shopping a Track Edition--which has no back seats.

There's no special packing required, either. The GT-R also has a trunk that will swallow a suit bag and a roll-aboard, and Nissan hasn't opted to deny you cupholders.

The rest of the interior is stark and functional, and nothing especially luxurious or hand-crafted--unless you opt for the new Premium Interior package, which layers the cabin in lovely, less heavily treated leather. It transforms the cockpit to Infiniti-like standards. Without it, the GT-R lacks the detailing that really sets apart its competition--machine-turned metal trim pieces, even wood to relieve the cockpit's drabness. If you consider its race-ready credentials, the interior's actually a pretty plush place.

All it takes is a twist of the key to remind yourself that the GT-R is a peaky, fiercely tuned supercar. There's not much effort here to quell harshness from the road and driveline, and you'll need a lot of volume from that decent Bose audio system.

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