2013 Lincoln MKS Styling

On Styling

The Lincoln MKS has been a slow seller; and that might be a little puzzling at first, as it sure is a handsome sedan. Although Lincoln's identity--both current and future--is as foggy as ever, the MKS is in any case a nicely proportioned luxury sedan, oozing charm from a distance and nicely detailed inside. And, we tend to think that the MKS stands as a quiet, classy counterpoint to Cadillac’s brash CTS—with fit and finish actually a step beyond that in the CTS.

Although the MKS is basically a cousin of the Volvo S80 and pretty closely related to the Ford Taurus, it doesn't look that way. About the only thing it does have in common with the Taurus is its rather short, arched roofline and somewhat high beltline, with a little more overhang in front and in back than is now typical for the class.

The 2013 Lincoln MKS is graceful and sleek; and this year's modest improvements give it tighter detail inside and out.

The MKS is a classically handsome car, in the Lexus mold, with a large winged grille calling attention to itself a little more insistently than the rest of the car. Visually, Lincoln has made a number of minor changes to the exterior for 2013, and they add to 'suggest' something more significant, even if the proportions haven't changes. The MKS grille has a fine pattern of slats, and the lower airdam is a little more chiseled; meanwhile the hood has been lowered but given a strong middle spine--all of which makes the car look a bit lower and wider from the front. Styling at the rear has been cleaned up as well, with the trunkline following different contours this year.

Inside, we see lots to like, with a linear, spare theme to the cabin design, as well as the sheets of matte-metallic trim banished for 2013. White-lit electroluminescent gauges glow softly at night off its leather and wood trim, with noticeably closer attention to detail. Stitched leather panels replace a few remaining harder surfaces for 2013, and MyFord Touch has been subbed into the interior. Unfortunately, that means a set of capacitive sliders for volume and climate-control functions as well.

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