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The interior of any 2010 Smart ForTwo model feels basic, with a rather cheap and plasticky instrument panel and controls. ConsumerGuide feels that the "cabin materials are solid and well-assembled," but the "overall ambiance is budget, with lots of hard plastic and very few padded surfaces." The "standard cloth upholstery" of the 2010 ForTwo, according to Edmunds, offers no luxury pretenses. feels that "build quality is respectable," and most reviews read by agree, though materials leave some reviewers wanting something a bit more upscale.
The surprises in the ForTwo are its remarkable headroom-even for those well over six feet tall-and good legroom. As its name suggests, the Smart ForTwo seats just two inside its tall cabin. U.S. News contends "the ForTwo's spacious interior...offers plenty of room for two adults, even if they're on the tall side." reviewers find that "headroom and legroom are entirely adequate." However, broad people may bump elbows or even shoulders, because the cabin is narrow. ConsumerGuide, which is typically conservative with its praise, says the "seats are supportive, with good side bolstering," but the "narrow cabin means two adults ride almost shoulder-to-shoulder." The driver sits upright on short seats, and the steering wheel is more horizontal than in most cars, resulting in a driving position rather like that of a commercial van. Edmunds suggests that the "lack of a tilt steering column may compromise comfort for some drivers." Kelley Blue Book reviewers feel the "open space where you'd expect a center console" helps contribute to the "less confined interior," but the lack of a console for storing small items might prove annoying.

The cargo space behind the passenger area of this two-seater is disappointingly small, providing only enough room for three large shopping bags in a row. finds that "cargo room in back measures just 7.8 cubic feet, less than a third the space the [Mini] Cooper offers behind its front seats." ConsumerGuide also rates the 2010 Smart ForTwo well below the class average for cargo room, saying it is "meager overall" and claiming the "tiny glove box offers barely enough space for an owner's manual." The front passenger seat can be made to fold forward, but it's an extra-cost option. The BRABUS adds leather wraps around the steering wheel, handbrake, and gear knob.

The 2010 Smart ForTwo offers remarkable space for its passengers-two of them-but lacks room for cargo.

At higher speeds, engine and road noise drown out conversation and the weak sound system. When it comes to excessive road noise, the 2010 Smart ForTwo is plagued with it. ConsumerGuide says that the ride is "never serene," and while "road noise is relatively well-muffled," the "wind rush is pronounced at highway speeds." They add that the tiny engine produces quite a bit of noise, and "engine note is always audible and rises to a loud groan under acceleration."

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