2010 Kia Rondo Comfort & Quality

On Comfort & Quality

Moving people and their stuff around in relative comfort is what the 2010 Kia Rondo does best; although a third row of seating is available, it’s designed for children, not adults. Overall, the seating arrangement is fuss-free and helps maximize space, with the second row sliding fore and aft for better access to the third row or a better balance of legroom between rows. New York Newsday praises the adjustable seats, saying that they "emerged remarkably ache-free after a couple of two-hour stints behind the wheel," but they do suggest that lateral support leaves something to be desired.

Storage space hasn’t been forgotten either; there are lots of small cubbies, along with an impressive recessed tray below the cargo floor. The interior has "more mystery compartments and fuzzy cubby holes than the Winchester Mystery House,” reports Jalopnik.

The 2010 Kia Rondo offers a very versatile interior and lots of passenger comfort for a relatively low price. 

In the experience of’s editors, the materials used in the Rondo aren’t that impressive—they’re definitely of the type you’d see in a cut-rate small car—but it feels well put-together and has a smooth ride, free from excess road or wind noise. However, ConsumerGuide concludes that "interior materials and assembly quality [are] impressive for the price, with leather seating appearing especially upscale...good head and leg room."

Ride quality is another positive in the 2010 Kia Rondo. However, New York Newsday asserts that the "Rondo's ride was almost always comfortable," though noting that when driving over some rough pavement at highway speed, the Rondo Kia is "a bouncing and unpleasant place to be." On the other hand, Jalopnik reports a cushy ride, saying that the suspension is "geared towards multiple human comfort over taut steering response," but doesn't comment on any of these unpleasantries.

Overall, while reviewers are quite unanimous in declaring the Rondo a good passenger vehicle, some are quick to point out that it defies classification. "Our Kia Rondo is the perfect crossover," says MotorWeek. "So much so most don't know what it is."

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