2010 Infiniti G37 Sedan Styling

On Styling

Overall, the G37's rakish silhouette has remained untouched, and that's a good thing. With a coupelike roofline and a lean, low profile, the G37 flaunts a clean and nicely proportioned profile, with plenty of clean sheetmetal—eschewing the excessive body creases that are so common now. A new front fascia and new-design headlights are paired with a new rear fascia, but you'll have to look closely for the differences from the 2009 model. Most notably, the lower air dam in front gives the G a neater, more measured stance, but it retains the nice contours around the headlights and grille.

Reviewers almost unanimously gush over the G37 Sedan's exterior. Car and Driver raves about the "crisp styling" on the exterior of the Infiniti G37, which Kelley Blue Book says is highlighted by "an eye-catching grille treatment with four sculpted bars that twist from center to edge like traditional Japanese sword blades." Kelley Blue Book finds that the "well-tailored sheetmetal effectively complements the G37 sedan's sporting character" as it tastefully blends "crisp lines and sensual contours" to make a "visually distinctive styling statement." Edmunds reviewers note as much when they contend that the Infiniti 2009 G37 "looks distinctive...from its swoopy exterior styling to its origami paper-inspired 'Washi' aluminum interior trim."

Clean, flowing, and somehow simultaneously conservative yet dashing, the design of the 2010 Infiniti G37 Sedan should appeal to almost anyone.

Inside, the G37 has the cockpit feel of a sports coupe in front, with narrow footwells, a rather low seating position, and a prominent center console—redesigned for 2010—that wraps back between occupants. Big, round dials are set directly in front of the driver, and a strong beltline wraps around to the door panels. A screen mounted top and center accesses audio and climate functions, while supplemental controls are just under the screen.

Curiously, Kelley Blue Book also mentions paper with regard to the interior, noting the "aluminum accent trim textured to resemble traditional Japanese handmade paper." The reviewer warns that the "cockpit-like ambiance may strike some as a bit busy," but at least "the controls are logically arrayed and the flashy electroluminescent main gauges are quite legible."

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