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When it comes to showcasing a wide range of high-tech features, the 2010 Acura TL is at its best. Interfacing easily with a host of personal electronics, even the base 2010 TL features a standard USB iPod/MP3 interface, an eight-speaker audio system, and a crisp, high-resolution center-mounted display for controlling the infotainment system. The circular controller is as user-friendly as an Apple device, and sound quality is good in base form, thunderous with the 10-speaker optional upgrade. Despite the ease of use, all this gadgetry does necessitate a fair number of buttons, particularly on the steering wheel, meaning the owner's manual may be your best friend for the first few weeks. Once you're familiar with the controls, audio, navigation, Bluetooth hands-free phone operation, and voice commands are all at your fingertips.

The "base" Acura TL is hardly as stripped down as the title might indicate, as Edmunds reports that this 2010 Acura comes standard with "tons of user-friendly high-tech features." Key standard items on the 2010 Acura TL include "iPod and Bluetooth connectivity," full power accessories, "an eight-speaker stereo with in-dash six-CD changer, [and] satellite radio," according to Edmunds' reviewers. Other reviews read by point out even more standard features, which Motor Trend says are "enough to make the commander of a Los Angeles-class submarine jealous," including "a conventional AUX jack plus a USB port that allows complete control (and charging) of your iPod through the audio system" of the Acura TL.

The 2010 Acura TL offers some of the most impressive, high-tech upgrades in the segment-for a price.

The center stack's intuitive click-and-turn interface controls the optional nav system, and an optional voice recognition system makes it even easier to find and input your itinerary. AcuraLink Real-Time traffic and weather functions are built into the nav system, and you can even access Zagat reviews on the fly. The Technology Package unleashes your inner geek, with a climate control system that tracks the sun's position and intensity, dynamically adjusting each side of the TL's cabin to optimize comfort. It even adds a "voice-activated navigation system" that says "works well and features improved screen graphics compared to Acura's current system." Edmunds reviewers add that the Acura Technology Package brings "real-time traffic, real-time weather forecasts, GPS-linked and solar-sensing adaptive climate control system...and a 10-speaker Panasonic/ELS surround-sound system with DVD audio and 12.7 GB of digital music storage." Car and Driver is especially pleased with the Acura TL's navigation system, which they state features "specific lane routing for multilane highways, and an industry-first Doppler radar weather-map feature." For the audiophiles out there, reports that the 2010 Acura TL's hard drive-based system "allows users to upload music from CDs or flash drives" and can even "recognize the artist and track names from the CD you want to record."

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