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On Comfort & Quality

With three rows of seating, the 2010 Hyundai Veracruz can seat up to seven, though the third row won’t be an option for many adults; kids will be just find back there, though entry and exit is difficult. The first two rows are comfortable, with enough headroom and legroom for all and plenty of storage spaces for small items; cargo space is sacrifices in the name of form, due to the sloped hatch.

Most reviewers were satisfied with front seat comfort, but found some varied comments on backseat and cargo space. "The second- and third-row seats, on the other hand, are pretty flat," notes Autoblog, also assessing that "with the middle row pushed all the way back, my knees didn't touch the seat backs from the back row." Autoblog also notes that “rear door openings are large and access to the third row is fairly easy.” But Kelley Blue Book notes, “Traveling with a car full of people and their luggage may be rather tight, as cargo room behind the third-row seat is under seven cubic feet.” According to the reviewer, that's significantly less that in a Toyota Highlander or Honda Pilot.

The 2010 Hyundai Veracruz is quite roomy inside and almost meets luxury-brand expectations at a fraction of the price.

The Veracruz might be luxury-caliber in design, but would its exclusive feel hold up close? Most reviewers thought so. “The materials are above and beyond what one would expect from a non-luxury brand like Hyundai,” says Kelley Blue Book like the look and feel of what it sees inside, including “soft-lined bins and consoles and ambient spotlighting,” and further declares that in a variety of uses, the Veracruz “never failed to impress us as effortless and comfortable.” And the comparisons to the Lexus RX keep cropping up; the Veracruz "feels better—more spacious, less cramped than the RX350,” says the Washington Post.

Truck Trend compared the Veracruz to several other crossovers in its class and was disappointed that “the leather and vinyl on the seats didn't quite color-match, the silver finish on the center stack doesn't appear all that sturdy, and there were a few misaligned bits of trim.” commends the Veracruz for its quiet ride, except for what it describes as “excess wind noise.”

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