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On Quality
On Quality
Good interior room and build quality give the 2010 Chevrolet Silverado a better reputation-now, it just needs better front seats.
7.0 out of 10
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QUALITY | 7 out of 10

Expert Quotes:

Comfortable if somewhat lacking in side support

Hybrid's cargo space "is diminished by the battery pack

Good, or better, than any other full-size truck

There's still plenty of cheap n' flimsy to go around

Quality materials and tight assembly tolerances

In either Silverado 1500 or the Silverado Hybrid, there's ample space and comfortable seats across the front.

Either a bench or bucket seats are fitted; with the bucket seats comes a center console with an agreeably styled dash, big gauges, and big controls that can be operated when wearing gloves. MotherProof reviewers are "surprised by the level of comfort in the interior." Buyers can choose a regular cab with almost no room behind the front seats, an Extended Cab with space for tools and gear, or a Crew Cab for three-across adult seating. ConsumerGuide says up front, "the seats are comfortable if somewhat lacking in side support." The Detroit News agrees, finding that the "bucket seats could use additional bolstering," but overall they love that the interior is "well laid out with lots of room for a hunting party." Autoblog dislikes the LTZ's buckets seat, too; they "felt more like an overstuffed arm chair than a proper automotive seating surface." ConsumerGuide reviewers note that "the bucket seats come with a roomy console bin," while the "bench seat is available with a flip-down center armrest that doubles as a large storage bin." The Detroit News also appreciates the "nice use of dead space to create cubbies on the dash," which are perfect for storing items like cell phones and other small objects. It also reports "the control switches can handle a firm grip and big hands," so "they can be turned while wearing work gloves."

The stadium-style rear seat on Crew Cabs has a 60/40-split design and can be folded up for more cargo space, enabled by the flat load floor. Jalopnik calls the flat loading floor "one of the coolest features on the truck." For extra versatility, either section of the split seat can be stowed independently, allowing room for both cargo and a rear-seat passenger, and the rear access doors on extended-cab models open 170 degrees. ConsumerGuide notes of the Crew Cab body style, "With front bucket seats, the center console restricts toe space for the center rear-seat passenger." TheCarConnection.com's editors also point out that the Crew Cab backseat sits more upright than in some other trucks and are less comfortable over long trips as a result.

The Hybrid's interior and seating are much the same as the standard Crew Cab; the backseat is compromised a bit since the battery pack is stored under the second-row bench. Seat comfort isn't affected, but batteries consume some of its utility. Automobile notes "the space available for cargo in the back of the crew cab is diminished by the battery pack," which runs the entire width of the truck under the rear bench.

Across the Silverado 1500 / Hybrid lineup, bed sizes range from 5'8" on Crew Cabs and Hybrids; 6'6" on all versions except the Hybrid; and 8' on all versions except the Hybrid. Autoblog notes the Silverado has a deep cargo box and torsion bars in the tailgate that allow it to be closed with one arm. Car and Driver points out that the Silverado's interior storage spaces lack organizing dividers, though, and aren't as innovative as those of competitors. (The work-oriented Pure Pickup interior has separate upper and lower glove boxes, while the luxury version featured in the LTZ only has the lower one.)

GM's efforts to improve the quality perceptions of its big trucks have paid off, according to reviewers from around the Web. "Nearly every exterior component shows remarkable attention to detail," comments Autoblog, "and the result is a truck that's assembled like a fine piece of furniture." ConsumerGuide says even the Pure Pickup interior and the materials used in it "don't look bargain basement." Jalopnik sums it up well: "There's still plenty of cheap n' flimsy to go around, but new fabrics and plastics and a deft designer's touch make the cab feel less institutional and more familial." ConsumerGuide points out that rear-seat passengers aren't left out either, as the "rear bench is comfortable and supportive," while the available "headroom is generous." Edmunds considers noise at highway speeds "minimal," and finds interior sound levels at 70 mph are lower than those in an Audi A6 sedan. Motor Trend cites the attention to tighter seals, smaller door gaps, and increased sound deadening and attests that "wind noise is almost eliminated." The Detroit News asserts the Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid in particular is "extremely quiet at all speeds," while ConsumerGuide states that the "Hybrid is nearly silent at ignition and at rest," and aside from a "subtle electrical whirring noise" during acceleration, "most other noise sources are well squelched."


Good interior room and build quality give the 2010 Chevrolet Silverado a better reputation-now, it just needs better front seats.

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