2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser Comfort & Quality

On Comfort & Quality

Think of the 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser as a vehicle for two plus gear and you’ll be all right—the backseat is a little too cramped for adults, and access is a challenge despite the small rear-hinged access doors.

Most will find the driving position and front seating comfort to their liking, “The seats are all-day comfortable,” ConsumerGuide says of the front, with “good headroom and legroom for six-footers.”

The 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser involves some serious compromises in ride, refinement, and interior space, though its interior is tough and versatile. 

“Seating in front is very comfortable,” reports Edmunds, “but getting into the rather cramped rear compartment requires a high step up and a contortionist dance, even with the rear doors open.” Edmunds chimes in, commenting that “rearward-opening doors aren't as convenient as one might think.” Car and Driver warns that “back-seat room is good but not as spacious as one might expect,” Edmunds concludes, “an FJ isn't the best choice” as “a children-schlepping vehicle.”

The FJ Cruisers tested by are very tightly built inside. Car and Driver agrees, pointing to its “obvious build quality, and amazing versatility.” Edmunds likes how the “retro-looking dash is color-keyed to the exterior," adding that “most of the controls are straightforward and functional.” Those looking for a lot of storage compartments for smaller items and electronics might be a little disappointed, though.

At highway speeds, the 2010 FJ Cruiser is just tolerable, but a combination of tire noise and a slightly boomy engine note conspire to wear you down. Car and Driver considers it “slightly noisy and rough-riding.” And while the ride will never be mistaken for that of a crossover ute, it's comfortable enough. ConsumerGuide describes it as “firm but compliant suspension combines with tall-sidewall mud and snow tires to flatten most road bumps with little jolt or body quiver,” and Motor Trend assesses, “Rough roads will gently bounce passengers around, never aggressively toss them like in an Xterra or H3, which feel decidedly firmer.”

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