2010 Volvo S80 Comfort & Quality

On Comfort & Quality

Throughout the 2010 Volvo S80 line, ride comfort is great. The S80’s seats are also among the best in this class of vehicle, and they’re better than those in some sport sedans costing more. The nicely contoured backseat is large enough for three petite folks or two American-sized adults, and the climate-control system has vents built into the B-pillars for better comfort in back. The front seats now have optional heating and cooling with fan-driven ventilation. says "it could have a bit more room in the backseat, but the space isn't what you'd call confining," and Kelley Blue Book reports the Volvo S80's "60/40 split-folding rear bench has sufficient head and leg room to take on a pair of average-sized adults or a trio of kids."

Kelley Blue Book notes that "the somewhat modestly-scaled 14.9 cubic-foot trunk" can be expanded by dropping the backseats, providing a pass-through opening., however, isn't pleased with the storage space, declaring that "the small trunk was a bit of a surprise" and noting that "it's not exactly deep or tall, so large suitcases have to be wedged in tightly."

Not everyone will love the interior of the 2010 Volvo S80 because of some of the finer design points, but its comfort, spaciousness, and refinement are undeniable.

Reviewers are split about the quality of the S80 interior. sums it up pretty well: "The materials are all soft to the touch, the leather is plush and the seats are ultra comfortable. What's left to want?" Edmunds is a bit more critical of the S80. While acknowledging that the Volvo S80 interior has the auto industry's "most supportive seats [and] its cabin has all the expected amenities, it lacks the unrestrained elegance and exacting quality of competitors' interiors." ConsumerGuide, however, says that "materials aren't especially rich for a premium car," but admit the "cabin is decently appointed overall."

ConsumerGuide also reports that noise levels aboard the Volvo S80 are "subdued, but not as quiet as many luxury-class competitors...both 6-cylinder engines growl under acceleration." likes the fact that "a menu system tailors the seats, rearview mirrors, climate control, audio, navigation, and the amount of steering wheel feel in the car's speed-dependent power steering system." The reviewer "found the steering wheel controls a bit fussy at first, and hard to use, but owners will figure them out quickly." Automotive Traveler notes, "The needlessly fiddly navigation controls were the only negative we identified."

The 2010 S80 has controls and displays that are quite simple—for a luxury car, that is. reports that you'll notice "buttons...lots of them." However, these "allow you to turn on the air, stereo, safety features and more with a simple push; there are no complicated menus for simple tasks, just buttons." ConsumerGuide reassures prospective buyers that "the gauges are easy to read. While the abundance of buttons can seem complicated, the controls are actually very easy to use."

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