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Style takes priority over function in the 2010 Volkswagen CC, and a rather odd seating arrangement and a slightly cramped backseat are the consequences. There's only space for two in back, with the middle rear seat eschewed for a comfy armrest and built-in cup holders. Headroom in back is tight for taller occupants, while in front, occupants might raise their seats more than usual to counter the low position and poor view outward. But every inch of the interior feels far more lavish and expensive than the base versions' price of well under $30,000 would indicate. Materials and trims feel luxury-car-caliber, and the interior is serene. The ride in the Passat CC is generally smooth, but uplevel wheels and tires tax the front-wheel-drive chassis and result in road noise and sharp kicks transmitted to the cabin on less than ideal roads.

Although Volkswagen bills the 2010 Volkswagen CC as a four-door coupe, the CC boasts more passenger space than you might expect on anything wearing the coupe badge. ConsumerGuide says that the front occupants get "generous headroom and legroom." The front seats themselves earn a number of positive comments, with Edmunds calling them "some of the finest in this price range, nicely enveloping their occupants without getting pinchy," and Road & Track asserting that the front seats were "very comfortable during our six hours or so of Interstate driving."

The 2010 Volkswagen CC offers a luxury-car experience, with materials that will wow cost-conscious shoppers. The only issue might be its slight lack of rear headroom.

Depending on your expectations for the back, you'll either be pleasantly surprised or a little disappointed. explains that total seating capacity is "just four counting the driver," because "the rear-contoured seats are separated by a versatile center console." Car and Driver calls the two-front, two-back seating arrangement "a good compromise between style and practicality," while Autoblog reviewers find "the back seat is a comfortable place to be," because "leg room is ample and, surprisingly, so was head room despite the low roofline." finds that the flopping roofline does not allow enough headroom for taller occupants, however.

There's quite a bit of cargo space, too. Autoblog mentions the "voluminous trunk," and Edmunds describes it at "quite large, although most of its size comes from its depth." If you need more length out of the trunk, ConsumerGuide reports "the 60/40 rear seat folds almost flat with ease."

Inside, Edmunds notes the availability of "a fair-size center console compartment, smallish door pockets, a center cupholder-bin area and two slide-out shelves located under the air vents."

The intuitive, ergonomic control layout inside the CC is also a positive selling point. ConsumerGuide is pleased to note that the Sport trim's "climate dials are large, clear, and simple to operate," while the Volkswagen CC "Luxury models have dual-zone climate controls that are well-lit and also intuitive to use."

Materials quality is another pleasant surprise in the 2010 VW CC. The cabin materials feel like those in much more expensive luxury-brand vehicles and, as Edmunds raves, "materials quality is beyond reproach and certainly befitting a car wearing this price tag." notes that "the interior fit and finish signal that VW took extra care in the execution of design," while ConsumerGuide is pleased to discover that "padded surfaces abound." Jalopnik declares that "the fit and finish is top notch," with "every button and lever...well-damped."

Ride quality tends toward the soft side in the 2010 Volkswagen CC. Edmunds offers the most clarity, pointing out that the CC boasts "a solid ride that swallows up bumps with well-damped confidence," but they warn that "those seeking a cushy luxury cruiser will probably find it too firm."

One of the most noticeable factors separating luxury vehicles from overachieving imitators is road noise, and in this regard, the Volkswagen CC earns its luxury stripes. attributes the silent ride to "the unique design of the outside mirrors and the extensive attention to the window seals on the frameless doors."
Edmunds feels that "wind noise and road noise are kept nicely in check" from within the CC, and Road & Track goes so far as to call the cabin "whisper quiet."

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