2010 Lincoln Town Car Styling

On Styling

If there was ever a car that could be considered conservative to the point of stodginess, it's the 2010 Lincoln Town Car. Accordingly, don't expect any fresh styling cues or complete redesigns from the 2010 model-if you've seen a Town Car in the past five years or so, you know what to expect. It's old-fashioned inside and out, eschewing modern luxury looks for old-school standards and materials.

There's no getting around the sheer age of the Town Car. Edmunds puts it bluntly, calling it a "very old design." and Motor Trend point out that there have been essentially no exterior design changes since 2003. Motor Trend also notes that the design itself is intended to mimic the "Continentals of the early 1960s."

The 2010 Lincoln Town Car has baroque styling that's been around for a long time-too long.

Inside, the 2010 Lincoln Town Car features seats "trimmed in premium leather," says, while the fleet-sales relic also gets some of the past decade's updates to the rest of the Lincoln line, particularly the satin-nickel trim and white accent lighting that makes a "big splash" elsewhere in the lineup, according to Motor Trend. additionally notes that "burl walnut appliqué" adorns the instrument panel and doors.

With the retail sales death of the Lincoln Town Car looming close, nostalgia tends to creep into the reviews. Both Car and Driver and Jalopnik call the Town Car the "last traditional American luxury sedan." Edmunds, on the other hand, sees the car as an antiquated irrelevance, having "outlived its usefulness," with appeal only for those that remember the "good old days" of American luxury.

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