2010 Lincoln Town Car Performance


The 2010 Lincoln Town Car is underpowered and has little in the way of "road feel," according to reviews from around the Web. With a 4.6-liter V-8 engine under the hood, you'd be forgiven for expecting some oomph. Unfortunately, the anemic 239-horsepower output fails to deliver, though it does get decent fuel efficiency at 16 mpg city and 24 mpg highway despite its four-speed transmission and mammoth size.

Car and Driver also finds the low-output V-8 to be "tepid." ConsumerGuide argues that it is "quick enough," but points out that it "trails [rival] Cadillac DTS for overall performance."

The 2010 Lincoln Town Car has underwhelming power, decent fuel economy, and old-fashioned handling.

The four-speed transmission is another shortcoming, delivering what Edmunds calls a 0-60 mph time in the "mid 8-second range," though ConsumerGuide notes that the transmission fights the whole way, reluctant to "kick down for passing" despite otherwise being "responsive and smooth."

While it's not going to win any green awards, the Town Car's 19 mpg average isn't as bad as it might be, or even as bad as some thoroughly modern-and somewhat smaller-luxury sedans. AutoMedia agrees, noting that it's "not especially fuel efficient -- though not all that bad," while ConsumerGuide calls fuel economy a "con" of the 2010 Town Car.

Driving the 2010 Lincoln Town Car is a soft and forgiving experience, but don't expect it to handle quick direction changes or anything more than a sedate pace with aplomb. It's a true throwback to earlier times, and it shows in the handling department, where basically any modern sedan will outmatch it.

More prone to leaning in turns than a typical modern sedan or "import-brand rivals" according to ConsumerGuide, the 2010 Lincoln Town Car is all about unhurried transport rather than sporty maneuvers. Edmunds finds the "antiquated suspension" of the Town Car to be suspect, especially over broken pavement. On the other hand, AutoMedia says the "big disc brakes" are great for normal driving, and ConsumerGuide adds that steering has "good accuracy and road feel" despite being "slightly overboosted."

Aside from's reviewers who feel the Lincoln Town Car has a "good connection with the road," most reviewers find the car to exhibit pillow-like ride and isolation; as Edmunds puts it, if you "like to feel connected to the road in any way, forget about it." Edmunds goes on to call out the Town Car's "sloppy dynamics," though they also note that it should be "adequate" for the average buyer's daily needs.

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