2010 Scion xB Styling

On Styling

After its 2008 redesign, the Scion xB is unchanged for 2010 except for one new color choice. Enlarged to about the same size as a Chrysler PT Cruiser or a Chevrolet HHR, the 2010 Scion xB is longer, heavier, and more expensive than the car that brought the xB to the United States. The slab-sided shape looks thicker through the waist, and it's surprisingly close in function to the domestic retro-wagons. Inside, it retains the illogical center placement for its gauges, but the dash design itself is now squared-off and thick, just like the car itself.

Edmunds notes that the 2010 Scion xB is "exactly one foot longer than the last box, 3 inches wider and actually 2 inches shorter in height," saying that these dimensions make the car appear "more substantial, less toy-like." As for styling, calls the xB "as distinctive as its predecessor," although "the edges have been rounded a bit here and there." Whether or not that's progress is up to you. Kelley Blue Book concurs, saying that unlike the crisp lines on the first xB Scion, the 2010 model is "noticeably rounder...than its predecessor." Edmunds thinks this is a good thing: "While not quite as right-angled as the first xB, the current model is larger in useful ways while retaining the upright angles that made its predecessor so distinctive." Other reviewers think it's not so good, with Car and Driver derisively calling the Scion xB "a junior minivan" and concluding that it has "lost a little of its off-beat charm". Finally, Kelley Blue Book notes, "Standard 16-inch wheels-an inch larger than those on the previous model-do a good job of filling the wheelwells in style."

It remains as divisive as it was in 2002, but the slightly rounder styling of the 2010 Scion xB keeps it distinctive too.

The "funky styling" of the dashboard design in the 2010 Scion xB leads Edmunds to say it "holds a few disappointments." Autoblog feels that "instruments (especially primary ones like the speedometer and tach) belong in front of the driver" rather than in the center of the dashboard. ConsumerGuide too grumbles that the Scion xB's "digital speedometer" is "mounted high in the middle of the dashboard, out of the driver's direct line of sight," which quickly proves "an annoyance to some testers." Gauge placement aside, the interior of the 2010 xB Scion gets high marks for styling. ConsumerGuide compliments the "high-mounted audio and climate controls," which it says are "simple to operate and easy to reach." Many custom accessories, including LED interior lights "with matching cup-holder illumination" and sport pedals are available, as Kelley Blue Book notes.

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