2010 Audi A8 Styling

On Styling

It's long, and it's lithe, but the 2010 Audi A8's exterior shape is somewhat forgettable.

Edmunds says the "snob appeal" of the Audi 2010 is still less than that of its rivals from BMW and Mercedes. The reason? The A8 predates the era of Bangle-designed BMWs and follow-up Benzes that turned Germany's automakers into purveyors of style-and it's outshaped by the lovely new 2011 Jaguar XJ, which renders all these cars in somber shades of grey. The A8 doesn't suffer much for its sedate looks, and the large Audi grille up front has begun to grow on's editors-if only on large vehicles that can handle its overbearing size. Elsewhere, the cues echo those of older Audis-the gentle downward drape of the roofline, squared-off tail lamps, and discreetly creased fenders. The A8 L simply stretches the concept; it has a 121-inch wheelbase, slightly more than 5 inches beyond that of the base model, according to

The 2010 Audi A8 is elegant but subdued; inside, it's a low-key dazzler.

Inside, it's impeccably detailed, and the Audi A8's cabin is as "handsome and spacious" as ever, Edmunds believes. The A8's interior reads exceptionally clean and simplified, thanks to the Multi-Media Interface (MMI), which brings a single tactile controller to access a range of audio, climate-control, and navigation functions. Fewer buttons collect on the A8's dash and armrests, and high-dollar finishes add more than a veneer of rich look and feel. Audi's interiors have always looked a bit brighter and friendlier than other German sedans, and even at its advanced automotive age, the A8's cockpit shines. "Nobody does an interior like Audi," MyRide gushes, which reports the A8 "is awash in gorgeous wood, lovely aluminum and buttery Valcona leather."

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