2010 BMW 6-Series Styling

On Styling

A swooping, aerodynamic front end leads to a rather thick and squat rear end that, despite previous restyling attempts, still seems at odds with the rest of the design. Front LED lights and bi-xenon headlights give the car a thoroughly modern look at night. calls "the humplike trunk" their "least favorite attribute," though they note that it "blends in from most viewing angles." Edmunds says the 6-Series has "controversial styling" but stops short of insults, remarking only that the "BMW 6-Series has a great personality." Car and Driver takes the high road, labeling its "unique looks" a "high."

Uniqueness doesn't always equate to successful styling, especially in the case of the rear end, but there's a lot to like about the 2010 BMW 6-Series' looks, too.

Road & Track also waxes politically correct, noting the "unique profile" of the BMW 6-Series "remains essentially unchanged" since the redesign. Car and Driver explains why the decklid bothers so many, pointing out how the "vertical face of the trunklid grows more concave" as it curves up "to meet the trailing edge of the plateau."

For the M6, BMW adds a few unique features, including forged 19-inch wheels, "M" logos throughout the car, and a carbon-fiber roof in coupe trim. The M6 also gets a freer-breathing front end and more aggressive aerodynamic styling in general than the standard 6-Series.

Inside, styling is less objectionable and every bit as elegant as you'd expect, with wood and leather trim, especially with the BMW Individual updates for 2010, bringing a luxurious feel to the cabin. Complex electronic controls and features get in the way of the elegant styling at times, however, due to a proliferation of buttons and knobs on the center console. Unlike many models in the 6-Series' price and performance range, the Convertible variants still use a soft top, which saves weight even if it offers somewhat less isolation from the elements.

The 6-Series' dual interior character is summed up well by J.D. Power, whose reviewers note that the leather dashboard's "simplistic and elegant design" is "festooned with add-on pods for iDrive." Edmunds mostly agrees, calling the interior "elegantly crafted," though it has an "austere feel." The 2010 BMW 6-Series' interiors offer "elegance" that matches their "lofty pricing," says ConsumerGuide. Stereo controls are contrastingly "minimalist" in this 2010 BMW, according to, though, and without preset radio buttons, drivers are forced to contend with the iDrive.

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