2010 BMW 6-Series Comfort & Quality

On Comfort & Quality

With its 2+2 layout, the 2010 BMW 6-Series should have room for four passengers, but the rear seats are better termed package shelves, as they only offer the suggestion of actual seating space. Front passenger comfort is excellent, however, with well-bolstered and supportive seating offering plenty of room.

The cabin of the 2010 BMW 6-Series is relatively quiet. ConsumerGuide reports that the wind rush in coupes is "modest," there's "little top-down wind buffeting even with all windows lowered," and the "engines are audible but pleasing at high rpm." Car and Driver agrees, adding that the car provides a feeling of "exclusivity."

The 2010 BMW 6-Series might offer real-world accommodations for only two instead of four, but those two passengers will be comfortable and satisfied.

Edmunds greatly enjoys the "top-quality cabin materials" and "optional Harman Kardon sound system." says, "fit and finish are excellent, and so are the materials," but ConsumerGuide has serious questions about the car's electronics quality, pointing out that "pressing the keyfob's trunk-release switch regularly set off the alarm system" in their test car. Specific details of the interior that differ from the previous series include a "wide console" that "imparts a cozy cabin feel," remarks ConsumerGuide.

Car and Driver notes that despite the lack of rear passenger room, there is "Good headroom and legroom" up front in the 2010 BMW 6-Series "for all but the very tall," and ConsumerGuide describes the standard buckets as "firm, supportive," though "heavy side bolsters" can make it tough to get in and out of the car. Edmunds doesn't care for the overall atmosphere, saying that the "cockpit has a somewhat austere feel compared to its competitors."

Interior pockets and storage space aren't abundant, but are adequate for a typical highway jaunt, though ConsumerGuide bemoans the fact that there's "just one cupholder" in the front and rear. Cargo space in the trunk is actually fairly good at 13.0 cubic feet, thanks in part to the oddly styled decklid, which doesn't impinge on the available space. The Convertible has less space than the Coupe for obvious reasons, but it's still adequate for overnight trips or golf outings, at 12.4 cubic feet with the top up and 10.6 cubic feet with it down. Car and Driver says the BMW 6-Series compromises utility-"four passengers rather than five, less rear headroom, less cargo space"-to amp up the "style and sportier dynamics," though that perspective neglects its grand-tourer intentions.

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