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2010 GMC Terrain - Quality Review

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On Quality
On Quality
Well-built and comfortable, the Terrain delivers on interior comfort and quality regardless of trim level, though it does have some ergonomic kinks.
7.0 out of 10
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QUALITY | 7 out of 10

Expert Quotes:

in daily use it's just a little stiffer over bumps with the big wheels than the Equinox

the new Terrain is impressively quiet, and the ride is comfortable

MultiFlex rear seat...slides nearly eight inches fore and aft to trade legroom for cargo space on demand

a respectable, credible, and slightly upscale alternative to the Equinox
Car and Driver

Whether you choose durable fabric or the quality-feeling leather, interior build quality and comfort is not an area for complaint in the 2010 Terrain. Front seat passengers will like the wide-open feel of the cockpit and comfortable, mildly bolstered seats. Rear-seat legroom is surprisingly good despite the Terrain's compact dimensions, thanks to a sliding bench arrangement. The slider also allows for more cargo room in the rear when desired, and the folding seats open up for a maximum capacity of 63.9 cubic feet. With the seats up, cargo capacity is still good at 31.6 cubic feet.

The front seats don't get much attention in the reviews read by, neither inciting hatred, nor exciting most reviewers enough to comment, though Jalopnik does praise the "excellent mid-level cloth seats." Automobile notes that the cabin is available with "two grades of cloth or perforated leather upholstery." Kicking Tires says there's "headroom to spare" even with the optional moonroof.

Edmunds finds the "backseat is roomy for this class," and most other reviews agree. Jalopnik points out the "sliding rear seat" makes this possible, delivering what it calls "limo-like leg room." Automobile also praises the rear seat's sliding capability, but observes that the rear seat cushions "don't fold fully flat" when it's time to slide the bench forward and stow cargo. They go on to comment on the "storage areas aplenty" throughout the cabin, and Edmunds asserts that the Terrain is "one of the quietest compact crossovers around," though they also caution buyers to choose the smaller wheels, as the larger options "increase impact harshness."

Unique to the four-cylinder is a special active noise cancellation system that works through both the built-in audio system and a few dedicated speakers to allow the engine to run at its most efficient RPM range. It also prevents what engineers call a "booming" resonance in the cabin that would otherwise occur.

Automobile does pick on the location of the button for making manual gear changes, noting that it's "too far aft for handy reach," and Edmunds warns that "cargo capacity... isn't as generous" as most of the competition. Kicking Tires also marks down the rear seat reclining lever, which they say is "not easily reached once seated."


Well-built and comfortable, the Terrain delivers on interior comfort and quality regardless of trim level, though it does have some ergonomic kinks.

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