2010 Kia Soul Comfort & Quality

On Comfort & Quality

For a compact car, the 2010 Kia Soul offers a voluminous interior that affords both good passenger and cargo space. Road noise at highway speeds is the only consistent complaint from reviewers, who love the Soul’s interior space and apparent quality.

Inside the Kia 2010 Soul, says you'll find "seating for up to five with its front bucket seats and rear bench seat." Unlike with some compacts, which offer five seat belts but no realistic way of fitting five adults inside, reviews read by show there is a very usable amount of passenger space within Kia's new econobox. Motor Trend says that the Soul Kia's "front and rear rows are surprisingly roomy, but long-legged passengers should try to get the front seat." Car and Driver, however, doesn't mind the rear seats on the 2010 Kia Soul, finding that they are "comfortably upright, with terrific legroom and headroom for two." Edmunds agrees, noting that "legroom is adequate even for rear-seat occupants, with much appreciated toe space under the front seats." Up front, Autoblog observes "good usable interior space, with spacious accommodations for two."

The 2010 Kia Soul is comfortable and attractive inside, but the intrusive road noise can wear on long drives.

Despite the wealth of passenger space, the 2010 Kia Soul still manages to devote an impressive amount of interior volume to storage, at least when the rear seats are in place. Car and Driver states that, "with the rear seats up and down, cargo volume is 19 and 53 cubic feet, respectively, versus the xB's cargo room of 22 and 70 cubic feet." Other reviewers point out that the xB offers significantly more space with the seats folded, but Autoblog says the Soul Kia still "offers a good amount of space for all your hipper-than-thou lifestyle accessories." Automobile Magazine also appreciates that "the folding rear seats create a flat load floor, and there's additional hidden storage in back as well," while Edmunds contends that the cabin offers "adequate" storage and the "split-level glovebox is surprisingly deep."

Kia seems to win over the majority of reviewers with the materials and build quality on the 2010 Kia Soul, despite the fact that its list price is so low. Automobile Magazine is probably the harshest critic, and the extent of their criticism is that the interior is "glossy and hard but functional and inoffensive." Autoblog points out that, "while plastics are of the hard variety, they are all nicely grained and free of cheap-looking shine." Car and Driver loves the "expensive-looking instrument panel" on this Kia 2010 model, while Edmunds feels that "Kia has done a fine job of creating the impression of more expensive materials." In terms of build quality, Edmunds reports that "panel gaps on the Soul's dash are impressively tight," and Autoblog confirms that "the interior seems to be well constructed."

One of the usual benefits of solid build quality is a quiet driving environment, but unfortunately the Soul Kia's above-average construction doesn't translate into a low-decibel cabin. Automobile Magazine warns that "engine and road noise [can] be intrusive" while driving the 2010 Kia Soul, and Edmunds agrees that the Kia Soul exhibits "intrusive road-surface noise."

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