2010 Jaguar XK Styling

On Styling

Look far and wide: You'll be hard-pressed to find a more suave grand tourer than the 2010 Jaguar XK and XKR.

Convertible or coupe, the Jaguar XK is an aesthetic home run, a perfect 10 to our styling eye. From stunning curve to flowing line, there's barely a surface out of place on the XK coupe or convertible. From some angles it's pure Jaguar; from the rear quarter, the convertible has some Camaro emotion in its undulating panels.

The 2010 Jaguar XK renders other sexy sports cars second-rate with flawless, timeless looks.

Designer Ian Callum's tinkered with the front end mildly this year; the XK's straight-bottomed headlamps are the single detail that could be stretched and smoothed. Frankly, we liked the 2007-2010 XK's front end more-the slight makeover adds big air intakes that demand equal time from the oval grille and sloping hood.

The XK's cabin escapes without a smudge; it's beautifully organized and layered with walnut or metallic trim. Knurled chrome rollers control the audio, chromed switches work the power seats-loving nods to tradition tempered with a bright, big LCD touchscreen that lets passengers swipe and tap their way through audio, navigation, and climate controls. The XK's gorgeous gauges are brightly illuminated in white and read cleanly like a collector timepiece; the transplanted JaguarDrive wheel from the Jaguar XF is a natural fit in the console.

More Opinions "There's a timeless elegance to the XK convertible"
Motor Authority: "Everyone thinks it's hot"
Car and Driver: "a real beauty that looks almost as elegant as an Aston Martin DB9"
Kelley Blue Book: "non-functional front-fender vents"
Motor Trend: front "ends comparisons with the old Ford Taurus' ovoid grille"
Motor Authority: "cabin is deeply luxurious, with lovely details"
Edmunds: "a Jag without wood is like Tom Selleck without the mustache"

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