2009 Nissan Cube Comfort & Quality

On Comfort & Quality

Anyone who remembers their basic geometry class will recall that a cube is not the most efficient way to maximize volume with a given surface area (the sphere gets that distinction); geometry notwithstanding, the 2009 Nissan Cube is incredibly spacious inside. Reviews read by all bestow a significant amount of praise on the voluminous interior of the Nissan Cube.

The social-minded Nissan 2009 Cube offers "spacious accommodation for five with a surprising amount of legroom," according to reviewers at Jalopnik. Those five passengers are split two-three front-to-back, as Autoblog is disappointed to note that the "U.S. model is only available with a pair of front seats and not the wonderful front bench we experienced in last summer's JDM tester." The back features "stadium-style rear seats [that] hold three, adjust fore and aft, and recline," notes the Automobile Magazine review. Autoblog reports that "headroom for all passengers is simply abundant," with "42.7 inches in front and 40.2 inches in back," which they say is significantly "better than what you'll find in a Tahoe." Despite the abundance of room, Motor Trend warns that the front seats "are reminiscent of college futon mattresses—comfortable for short stays, but questionable for long periods of time." For those riding in the rear of the 2009 Nissan Cube, Autoblog comments that "rear seat comfort is good."

The 2009 Nissan Cube offers plenty of space and reasonably comfortable seats but phones it in when it comes to materials quality.

The 2009 Nissan Cube features quite a bit of storage space to go along with its abundant passenger space. Jalopnik reviewers find that "cubby holes, shelves and places to hang your man bag abound," while the Los Angeles Times notices "trays and flat surfaces carved into the doors and dash." Behind the rear seats is a useful cargo area, but Motor Trend reviewers discover that, "when the rear seats are folded forward, they don't result in a flat load area because of the deep well behind the seats." They still manage to create a storage section that provides 58.1 cubic feet of space, but Edmunds notes that the Nissan 2009 Cube's "seats-up cargo capacity [is] not as big as a few rivals."

With a base price hovering around $13,000, Nissan obviously had to skimp somewhere on the 2009 Nissan Cube, and it appears that they decided to forego high-end interior materials. One of the most common complaints in reviews read by is that the interior is subpar, even at this price range. Jalopnik observes that the interior is coated in "cheap plastics," while Edmunds reviewers note the "disappointing interior materials" that are "below average for this class."

As you might expect, the poor interior materials and boxy, highly unaerodynamic shape lead to significant wind noise when driving the Nissan Cube. Motor Trend points out that "interior noise rises with speed," while Edmunds reviewers lament the "intrusive wind noise" that finds its way into the cabin. Jalopnik adds that "the wind noise created by the body and the windshield's 90-degree opposition to the air" is a major concern for long-term driving comfort when piloting the Nissan Cube.

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