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On Styling

It's easy to write off the 2010 Honda Insight as a Toyota Prius—the two hybrids do, after all, share strikingly similar profiles—but reviews read by indicate there's more to this 2010 Insight than you'll take in at first glance.

The 2010 Honda Insight is "an affordable four-door, five-seat hatchback," according to, and it is currently available in both LX and EX trim levels. If the Insight nameplate sounds familiar, it is because Honda originally released a quirky-looking two-door hybrid under the same moniker back in the late 1990s, but this latest 2010 Honda is an all-new model. Comparisons to the Toyota Prius are almost inevitable—Car and Driver observes that the 2010 Honda Insight "fits almost perfectly into the Prius mold," thanks to the fact that the "body has the same high-tail fastback silhouette, surely dictated by aero drag considerations." Aerodynamic considerations definitely play a large part in shaping the 2010 Insight, and notes that "this is one of the most efficient shapes" for pushing air aside. While the Prius has a slightly better drag coefficient, Jalopnik says, "if anything, the Honda's the better looking car, benefiting from its five year younger age, sharper lines and more refined detailing." agrees, commenting that this 2010 Honda is "more distinctive and much better-looking than the current Prius" with a nose that "looks like Honda's growing fleet of experimental FCX Clarity fuel-cell cars."

The 2010 Honda Insight is defined by its slippery silhouette and efficient interior.

The cabin of the 2010 Honda Insight is typical of Honda's other interiors, and indeed Automobile Magazine reports that current "Honda owners who get behind the wheel of the new Insight will feel instantly at home." Like the new Ford Fusion Hybrid, Car and Driver says this 2010 Honda hybrid offers a few visual fuel economy aids, including the "glowing background of the digital speedometer, which varies through a range of peacock hues from electric lime green at the thrifty extreme to double-strength indigo blue at full power." Edmunds reviewers rave about the Honda Insight's "sensible gauges and superior driving position," while Automobile Magazine likewise appreciates the "effective ergonomics" and "intuitive controls" inside the Insight's cabin. The Honda Insight breaks from other hybrid options in several ways, however, with pointing out that, "unlike most hybrids, the Insight's navigation system (available on the EX) doesn't have supplemental hybrid graphics, nor does it have a backup system." The 2010 Honda Insight also lacks the increasingly popular push-button start, but rather has a more traditional keyed ignition.

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