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Unlike previous generations of hybrids, which featured monstrous battery packs that ate into both cargo and passenger space, the high-tech 2010 Insight features a small pack that allows drivers to make the most of the car's interior space.

Inside the cabin of the 2010 Honda Insight you'll find a decent amount of passenger space and seating arrangements for five occupants. However, states that the backseat has "three seat belts...but functionally [it's] a two-passenger backseat." Up front, Car and Driver reports that the "cockpit space is generous for two," while Automobile Magazine deems the front seats "simple and comfortable." The back of this 2010 Honda gets cramped in a hurry, though, with Edmunds calling it "considerably tighter than the Toyota's family-sedan-grade rear quarters" and USA Today asserting that "headroom in back is limited." Overall space is "substantially less than in the Prius (85 cubic feet versus 96)," according to reviewers at Car and Driver.

For a $20,000 car, the 2010 Honda Insight delivers what we’d expect, though the backseats are tight.

One area where the 2010 Honda Insight clearly outclasses its competitors is in terms of usable cargo space, which is abundant in both trim levels. finds that this 2010 Honda "has more cargo space behind its backseat than the Civic Hybrid has in its trunk," while also pointing out that "the rear seats fold...for maximum cargo volume of 31.5 cu. ft." Jalopnik raves that the 2010 Insight is "a remarkably practical vehicle given its overall size and low roofline," while Automobile Magazine reviewers award the Honda Insight a big thumbs-up for its "low and easily accessible" cargo floor.

Reviews read by are somewhat divided when it comes to overall materials quality on this 2010 Honda model. feels that "Honda has been ahead of the curve in terms of the quality of its affordable-car interiors" and approves of the "bright gauges and nice, low-gloss surfaces." Taking the other side of the debate are reviewers from Automobile Magazine, who warn that "one of the things you give up at this price point over the Civic Hybrid is the ability to pay extra for leather upholstery," among other things, which they say "you'll be reminded of...every time you run your fingertips over the cheap seat fabric."

Reviewers are also split over the amount of road noise that makes its way into the cabin of the 2010 Honda Insight. While's editors feel that road noise is suitably suppressed, Edmunds says there is "bothersome road noise at highway speeds." However, reviewers point out that the Honda Insight's "cabin noise is admirably low considering affordable, efficient cars often shed noise-abatement measures in order to shave weight and improve mileage."

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