2009 Honda Ridgeline Comfort & Quality

Comfort & Quality

The interior of the 2009 Honda Ridgeline earns praise for its spacious seating arrangements, but reviews read by TheCarConnection.com are also quite critical of the surprisingly low materials quality in some areas. Furthermore, despite the fact that this 2009 Honda sports a pickup bed in the back, its external cargo capacity is somewhat limited by the bed's small dimensions.

Passengers riding inside the Honda Ridgeline's cabin won't find much to complain about, especially if they're accustomed to riding in other mid-size pickups. ConsumerGuide reports that the 2009 Honda Ridgeline's "headroom is six-footer adequate with RTL's available sunroof" and "ample otherwise," while there is also "fine legroom" below waist level. Cars.com also comments that drivers are generally able to hop in "and get comfy right away," which isn't surprising considering "there's plenty of room for drivers of most sizes and shapes, and passengers should have room to stretch regardless of whether they're riding up front or out back." Edmunds reviewers agree, noting that the 2009 Honda Ridgeline "provides sedan-like comfort." In terms of overall seating capacity, the Honda Ridgeline is belted for five passengers, with ConsumerGuide measuring "good rear-seat room for two adults" and "three if necessary."

The 2009 Honda Ridgeline's interior leaves a little to be desired, but you'll find plenty of passenger space.

Given the limited dimensions that they have to work with, it's clear that Honda's designers favor passenger room over cargo room. However, that doesn't mean the 2009 Honda Ridgeline is without nifty little storage maximization techniques. On the contrary, Cars.com states that the Honda Ridgeline features a "lockable in-bed trunk (8.5-cubic-foot capacity)," and ConsumerGuide says it offers "enough [space] for three regular golf bags." Automobile Magazine adds that "the trunk is pretty huge," but sadly "there is no way to stuff long objects, like a couple of 2x4s, into the bed and close the tailgate." ConsumerGuide also notes that, even with the Honda Ridgeline's tailgate dropped, "floor length is just 6.5 ft, and rivals offer long-box options." Fortunately, interior storage is more than adequate, as ConsumerGuide reports the "useful in-cab cargo space beneath [the] rear seat becomes generous with the cushions flipped up."

Honda typically enjoys a reputation for bulletproof quality, although that may extend more to the engineering side than the materials side. However, the 2009 Honda Ridgeline suffers from a few materials miscues, as Automobile Magazine reports that the "plastics inside are way too hard, and the substantial panel gaps around the dash pad and instrument panel aren't impressive." ConsumerGuide agrees that the "overuse of hard plastic trim disappoints," but as expected, "assembly quality [is] mostly top notch." Cars.com tries to find a tactful way to criticize the materials by noting that "Honda wouldn't be hurting anyone's feelings with a few more padded surfaces—not to mention leather upholstery that jumped up a grade or two."

While this 2009 Honda pickup doesn't generate the kind of fuel economy you might expect from a crossover-based pickup, it does enjoy one of the other major benefits of unibody construction: reduced cabin noise. ConsumerGuide feels that overall cabin noise levels are "impressive for a pickup," with this 2009 Honda's V-6 rising "only to a classy growl at full throttle" and road noise that is "no worse than in most cars."

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