2009 Hyundai Tucson Comfort & Quality

On Comfort & Quality

Like most Hyundai vehicles, the 2009 Hyundai Tucson is well built and provides a comfortable experience for both passengers and the driver.

In the driver's seat, the 2009 Hyundai Tucson offers seating that is "quite supportive and reasonably comfortable," according to ConsumerGuide reports that "legroom is adequate, but headroom is generous."

Overall, comfort in the 2009 Hyundai Tucson is good, but many materials leave something to be desired.

In the rear, the 2009 Hyundai Tucson offers decent crossover-style seating. points out that the "five-passenger interior includes a 60/40-split, flat-folding rear seat." ConsumerGuide contends that the seat is comfortable, "but the seatback is a little too firm." Additionally, getting into and out of the rear seats can be a bit of a trick, as "slim door bottoms mildly impede entry and exit." Car and Driver calls the interior space "remarkably roomy."

In terms of cargo space, the 2009 Hyundai Tucson does well overall. likes that "the plastic cargo floor has multiple tie-down locations." With the rear seat up, cargo space is 22.7 cubic feet. With the rear seat down, space grows to 65.6 cubic feet. reports that cargo space isn't as large as in some competitors, "but the area is easy to access." Kelley Blue Book appreciates the Tucson's "cargo-carrying convenience, including ... tie-downs, grocery hooks and under-the-floor storage." ConsumerGuide commends the "handy removable and washable mat" in the cargo area, as well as the "cleverly segmented tray" that fits in the spare tire compartment—but in-cabin storage is rated as "poor."

The view of the control panel from the driver's seat is functional. ConsumerGuide notes that "gauges are unobstructed and clearly marked." The reviewer likes the way the controls are grouped, "though the low-mounted climate control panel can divert the driver's eyes from the road." reports that "the controls are easy to operate with big knobs."

Throughout, the 2009 Hyundai Tucson offers quality construction and relatively high-grade materials. ConsumerGuide asserts that "cabin materials are attractive and well-assembled." Edmunds points out that Hyundai's 10-year/10,000-mile drivetrain warranty is "designed to placate those with vivid memories of the Hyundai of old"—which demonstrates the great jumps in quality that Hyundai has made. Overall, however, while Edmunds likes the "tight build quality" in the Tucson, "materials quality is hit or miss, with a few more hard plastics than we'd like." Car and Driver agrees, noting that "interior plastics are of the hard and shiny variety that most manufacturers gave up on during the Reagan administration."

Noise is somewhat problematic in the 2009 Hyundai Tucson, but it's not overwhelming. reports that "tire noise is noticeable on some surfaces, and some engine buzz is apparent in lower gears in models with the manual transmission." ConsumerGuide observes a "moderate tire roar on all but ultrasmooth surfaces," and echoes in pointing out that "the 4-cylinder engine is coarse and buzzy." Otherwise, however, the reviewer at finds the Tucson to be "impressively quiet," and ConsumerGuide notes that "wind rush is well-checked."

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