2009 Honda Odyssey Comfort & Quality

On Comfort & Quality

The 2009 Honda Odyssey delivers a comfortable cabin for up to eight passengers.

While the 2009 Odyssey EX, EX-L, and Touring models can seat eight people, passengers of the standard Honda Odyssey have seven seats to choose from. "Thanks to a removable center seat in the second row that can stow into a recessed compartment, which can be used for storage when the seat isn't stowed," says of the EX, EX-L, and Touring models. ConsumerGuide calls the front seats "comfortable and supportive," and proclaims the Honda Odyssey's room "ample for large adults." ConsumerGuide also enjoys "a fine driving position," which is "enhanced on Tourings by power-adjustable pedals." The 2009 Honda Odyssey doesn't disappoint when it comes to rear seat room, although ConsumerGuide once again chimes in with a comment about the third-row seat, which they claim "has adult-size room, but seat suffers a short backrest and thin padding." Kelley Blue Book notes "Honda engineers have made the third-row seat more accessible, thanks to sliding second-row seats."

Seating in the Chrysler is a better system, but the 2009 Honda Odyssey is a spacious and well-outfitted minivan.

For some minivan buyers, the versatility of the seating and cargo arrangement is the top priority. Here, the Odyssey isn’t best in class. The second-row seats of the Honda Odyssey are heavy if you need to remove them for cargo; the third-row seat on the Odyssey does fold into a deep well in the rear of the van. When the seat is up, this is an ideal location for grocery bags or other cargo.

ConsumerGuide is impressed by the well behind the 2009 Honda Odyssey's third-row seat, which "swallows a surprising volume of cargo." enjoys the "Lazy Susan under-floor tray holds miscellaneous items in Touring models." Edmunds provides the facts on the Honda Odyssey: "With the third row stowed, the Odyssey offers 91 cubic feet of cargo volume behind its second-row seats." There is only one problem with the storage availability in the Honda Odyssey: ConsumerGuide lodges a complaint against the Odyssey: "Under-floor compartment adds extra storage but is not readily accessible." MotherProof has some quibbles about the cup holders as well: "The two front upholders don't fit cans easily .... The other two cup holders held the can steady but were difficult to reach."

ConsumerGuide calls the Honda Odyssey's materials and assembly "top-notch," but "one tester exhibited several squeaks and rattles from aft area," an experience noted by’s editors as well. Honda’s reputation for high quality continues with the interior of the Odyssey.

Remaining quiet while commuting is important for modern minivans, and the 2009 Honda Odyssey complies nicely. ConsumerGuide reports that the Honda Odyssey "is among the quieter minivans. Engine noise is particularly well subdued. Road noise is prevalent at highway speeds, especially with the run-flat tires." They do note passengers in the third row "hear some wind whistle around the tailgate that grows tiresome on long trips."

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