2009 Nissan Quest Styling

On Styling

The 2009 Nissan Quest has a polarizing shape, but the interior’s been normalized. With a design so different from most minivans on the market, the Nissan 2009 Quest is one of those instant loves or instant hates as far as looks are concerned. As puts it, "The Quest seems like one of those designs you either can't get enough of or can't understand how it got out of the factory."

Edmunds notes that its style is "good enough to warrant consideration," which isn't exactly a raving review, but in a class not known for its style savvy or its penchant for stopping passersby in their tracks, this is a high accolade—especially since the Nissan Quest still performs it primary purpose of serving soccer moms and large families.

Considering that it is a minivan, and its sole purpose is not style, the 2009 Nissan Quest manages to add a little oomph to what is normally considered bland. calls it the "futuristic-looking Quest" and says that, with the 2009 Quest, Nissan has "pushed the limits of design" compared with other minivans available. As Motor Trend points out, the Nissan Quest was the first minivan to replace the "milk-carton with a Coke-bottle shape," and it continues this style in the 2009 model. calls the interior of the 2009 Nissan Quest "improved," and Edmunds states that the Nissan 2009 Quest provides "a more conventional and user-friendly dash and center stack layout." There are many beneficial points to the interior design of the Nissan Quest, such as its gauges, which are easy to see and read. As ConsumerGuide specifies, "the dashboard no longer sacrifices function for avant garde styling." Instead, the new layout on the center control panel is strictly designed for function.

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