2009 Nissan Quest Performance

On Performance

Reviews read by say the 2009 Nissan Quest isn't necessarily a fun-to-drive vehicle, but it more than meets the performance needs of anyone who requires a minivan. The Quest maintains fairly responsive steering at highway speeds and has modest body lean in turns.

ConsumerGuide likes the transmission's performance, stating that the Nissan 2009 Quest's "transmission upshifts smoothly and downshifts promptly for additional passing power." believes that the transmission performs well, particularly in city travel, stating, "it's only when you need to pass quickly while driving at highway speeds that the engine feels somewhat taxed." Edmunds contends the Nissan Quest's "chief strengths lie in its performance and handling," noting its 235-horsepower, 3.5-liter, V-6 provides "peppy acceleration" and "plenty of punch." This is why Motor Trend calls the 2009 Nissan Quest "[b]ig, powerful, and quirky," and why states that its engine "delivers strong around-town performance."

It’s not meant to be a sports car, but the 2009 Nissan Quest is a family vehicle that supplies enough performance to get the job done.

The 2009 Nissan Quest has the power necessary to drive many passengers wherever they need to be, but it is not a gas-saver. The Quest averages only 20.5 mpg on mostly highway driving in a road test performed by ConsumerGuide: "Quest is among the larger minivans, so it's less car-like to drive than some rivals." This is very similar to the EPA's estimates of 16 mpg city, 24 highway. An added pitfall to the high gas consumption is Nissan's recommendation of premium fuel for the Nissan 2009 Quest, meaning an even harder hit to a buyer's pocketbook. makes this point as well and lists fuel economy on their tester at 18/25 mpg.

A point of disagreement for some reviewers is how the Quest rides. points out that the "hard run-flat tires add an odd harshness to the ride." notes "taut suspension tuning" of the Nissan Quest, which leads to a better ride that isn't harsh, as some larger vehicles can be, particularly SUVs. The only downside is that it is a large vehicle, so corners won't feel like they would in a small car, and Edmunds calls the 2009 Quest "light on its feet."

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