2009 Chrysler 300 Comfort & Quality

Comfort & Quality has discovered few major problems in the comfort and quality of the 2009 Chrysler 300. The latest Chrysler 300 series offers a comfortable, quiet ride and some upgraded interior materials that take the cabin to the next level in terms of luxury.

The large 2009 Chrysler 300 makes the most of its ample dimensions, offering generous passenger space in both the front and backseats. Up front, ConsumerGuide notices "lots of headroom and legroom," although the "flat seat bottoms cause passengers to slide during aggressive cornering except in SRT8, which has grippy suede seat inserts." Kelley Blue Book observes that "legroom is abundant throughout, as is headroom both front and rear," while Car and Driver reports that the Chrysler 300 has "ample interior space," and "when used for sitting, both the front and rear seats coddle the keister." Overall, reviewers at CarGurus appreciate the "cavernous interior" that affords great "interior room and comfort."

Interior space is ample in the 2009 Chrysler 300, but some materials still fall short.

For such a large vehicle, the 2009 Chrysler 300 is a surprising disappointment when it comes to cargo space. ConsumerGuide rates the Chrysler 300 below the class average in this regard, claiming that while the "300 has a large, deep trunk," the trunk "liftover is fairly high, and the opening is too small to load large cargo." CarGurus registers a similar complaint, finding that "drivers also believe a big sedan like the 300 should have more trunk space." Edmunds provides even more criticism of the trunk, stating that the Chrysler 300's "trunk capacity measures a relatively modest 15.6 cubic feet." Inside the cabin, ConsumerGuide reports there is "decent cabin storage abetted by numerous cubbies and roomy center console."

The 2008 refresh of the Chrysler 300 brought improvements in both materials and build quality, and reviews read by certainly took notice. For 2009, those improvements carry over, and Edmunds says that the Chrysler 300 has "a much nicer cabin, but given the 300C's price, some may expect something nicer." ConsumerGuide agrees, noting that while "tasteful wood and chrome accents and some padded surfaces give a luxury feel to an otherwise commonplace interior," it simply isn't enough when "what passes for acceptable at $30,000 seems inappropriately cheap on cars loaded to $45,000." Kelley Blue Book tends to like the interior materials, though "some of the plastics lack the precise color-matching and touch-friendly feel of some top-notch luxury sedans." Build quality usually isn't a sore point, though a ConsumerGuide vehicle "suffered from misaligned body panels and improperly assembled interior trim pieces."

The 2009 Chrysler 300 lineup offers a relatively quiet ride, according to reviews read by ConsumerGuide finds that the available "V-6s cruise quietly, [and] roar noticeably during acceleration," while the large "V-8s have [a] throaty, subdued growl." They add that "tire thrum [is] evident, but not objectionable."

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