2009 Dodge Sprinter Wagon Comfort & Quality

On Comfort & Quality

The 2009 Dodge Sprinter is about as practical as possible. finds that reviewers unanimously like the vehicle for its obvious utility. As Car and Driver declares, "A more useful, practical big van doesn't exist."

A big step up from the usual SUV or minivan, the Dodge Sprinter Wagon can hold an entire soccer team. With "seating for 12 passengers" or room for "a rolling workshop with a ceiling high enough to allow someone over six feet tall to work while standing upright," Kelley Blue Book is impressed with the 2009 Sprinter's "massive cargo bay" and the "wide variety of configurations."

The 2009 Dodge Sprinter Wagon is well built and incredibly spacious.

For passengers, a "high roof in standard models means endless headroom and easy entry and exit," says ConsumerGuide, "although testers found flat seats uncomfortable for long rides." However, they add, "available pneumatic seats effectively provide additional cushioning for driver and front passenger." points out that "four front seat styles with multiple adjustments ensure decent comfort, and overall ergonomics give the impression of driving an SUV instead of a gigantic van."

Edmunds gives kudos to the Sprinter's "Mercedes build quality." Kelley Blue Book praises it as well, saying "the interior cabin exhibits few rattles, even over rough pavement." However, from the command position behind the wheel, "reaching some less-used switch gear requires a stretch," advises ConsumerGuide.

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