2009 Lamborghini Gallardo Features

On Features

The 2009 Lamborghini has plenty of standard features and a handful of options not included in its $201,000 base price.

Maybe its most satisfying feature, though, is the baked-in ability to cause a commotion just by driving past a crowd. Car and Driver tested out the Thrust Control Mode in the Gallardo and harnessed this unique power. “After slowly rolling into an intersection in Vegas, we just hammer it; we break all four wheels loose for a second in a straight line—and then simply catapult forward, squealing and grinning like schoolboys who have just stolen the keys to Dad’s, well, Lamborghini,” they report. “This doesn’t seem to hurt the car. But we know we are going straight to hell anyway.”

The 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 covers all the usual feature bases—and throws in the intangibles for free.

In more practical terms, the Gallardo sports standard power features, an upmarket sound system, a choice of manual or e-gear transmissions, all the mechanical hardware described here, and an exotically upholstered interior.
“The overriding theme inside the revised Gallardo is one of leather — lots of it,” Edmunds observes. “In addition to power-adjustable leather-upholstered seats, our LP560-4 had leather covering the dash and the center console — even the headliner was smothered in the stuff. Sumptuous? Yes, but such an interior is a bit monochromatic.”

In the Gallardo's Italian architecture,’s editors find lots of Germanic touches. The Gallardo’s related to the Audi R8 distantly; the navigation system, climate control interface, and certain switches look like pieces from the Audi R8, because they easily might be. The same goes for the flat-bottom steering wheel and the main instrument binnacles. There are far worse parts bins to raid.

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