2010 Hyundai Genesis Comfort & Quality

On Comfort & Quality

The Genesis is Hyundai's first true luxury sedan, and it's clear the automaker put a priority on interior room.

The long wheelbase gives front and rear passenger ample leg- and headroom, so it's a true five-seat sedan. "Every single passenger dimension on a spec sheet is more ample in the Genesis than in any of its competition," said Winding Road. Though it doesn't quite have the rear-seat space of a long-wheelbase 7-Series or Lexus LS, the Genesis qualifies as a "large" sedan according to EPA guidelines, notes Automobile.

The plush 2010 Hyundai Genesis provides plush surroundings for five adults.

In front, bucket seats are padded and formed well, not thickly bolstered as sports sedans might be, but cozy, with good knee room. "The seats are as comfortable as they appear," says Edmunds, "although they lack the kind of firm, highly bolstered Germanic treatment a sport sedan enthusiast might enjoy." BusinessWeek "found the front seats surprisingly uncomfortable," though "they're too flat...with inadequate side-bolsters." The backseat's legroom is outstanding-much more spacious than most sport sedans, though to's editors, the deep seating position can seem a little too low.

Trunk space is considerable, and interior storage in the console, glove boxes, and door panels is good. "The trunk offers a capacity of 15.9 cubic feet," Edmunds says," and although the rear seat does not fold down, there is a pass-through feature." BusinessWeek contends that pass-through is "small" but can "accommodate long objects."

The Genesis' build quality and refinement is far ahead of those of even more recent, well-done Hyundais, and truly competitive with Japanese brands. For noise control, the opinions are unanimous. Popular Mechanics mentions the "thick levels of engine sound damping," while Winding Road declares, "Wind, road, and engine noise are at or close to segment best." Popular Mechanics also relishes the isolation inside, saying "there was very little noise intrusion inside the cocoon-like cockpit of this quiet sedan."

The Genesis' fit and finish are excellent, with leather, tightly grained plastic, and plenty of handsome detailing. "Touches of wood trim are available on the gearshift, center console and armrests," BusinessWeek observes, "combining elegantly with the two-tone leather." First-drive reviews are at odds about assembly quality; since many of those reports are from early prototypes, we've omitted the comments from this full review. Newer reviews suggest the details have been massaged. "Fit and finish, stitching, touch, materials, and integration are all very good," raves Autoblog, while BusinessWeek says, "Everything in the Genesis seems sturdy and well-made." Car and Driver sums up most opinions when it comments "the Genesis isn't just the best-appointed Hyundai, it's good enough to be judged against established marques."

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