2009 GMC Yukon Comfort & Quality

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Experts at report that the 2009 GMC Yukon is downright cavernous inside. Plus, it's built with notably high-quality materials.

The 2009 GMC Yukon offers "rugged and luxurious transportation for up to" nine passengers, according to Edmunds. ForbesAutos adds that "a two-person third-row seat is standard, and one that fits three occupants is optional," but notes "third-row passengers sacrifice headroom and legroom." Furthermore, Kelley Blue Book says that the "front seats gain fore-and-aft and recline travel and second-row seats recline further, too." In the middle row, Edmunds finds that "the plush seats" offer "plenty of back and under-thigh support," while "the third row offers 34.9 inches of legroom, nearly 10 inches more than that of a standard Yukon." Kelley Blue Book raves about the "great passenger comfort" and "spacious interior" overall on the 2009 Yukon.

The 2009 GMC Yukon offers surprisingly good passenger comfort and space, plus plenty of cargo room.

The 2009 GMC Yukon also boasts quite a bit of cargo room. Even without moving the third row, Edmunds states that "there are 45.8 cubic feet available" behind the third row. To get more space, the third row can be removed—but some reviews read by register complaints in terms of practicality. ForbesAutos, for example, reports that "the fact that the third-row seating doesn't fold flat into the floor and must be removed is unfortunate." Kelley Blue Book doesn't go into details, simply saying that GMC Yukon 2009 "third-row seats fold flat, tumble forward and are removable."

Once those seats are out, though, cargo space is voluminous, and ForbesAutos characterizes it as a "truly mammoth maximum cargo capacity of 137.4 feet." Cargo space is impressive enough on the base GMC Yukon, but for those who need more, ConsumerGuide divulges that the "XL models are about 14 inches longer in wheelbase, 20 inches longer overall, and have nearly 30 cu ft more cargo volume." Inside the GMC Yukon 2009 cabin, storage space abounds as well, and Kelley Blue Book proclaims that "the Yukon's gloveboxes are huge."

One of the areas of focus for the 2007 redesign of the GMC Yukon lineup was interior quality, and the 2009 Yukon interior is very high-class indeed. ConsumerGuide appreciates the extra interior attention and reports "materials are generally solid to the touch and assembled with great care to create a high-quality ambiance, even on SLE versions." Edmunds says "a tall, well-padded console top and large, cushioned armrests all around keep forearms happy." The reviewer also declares that, "as with the exterior," the interior "build quality is solid." reviewers also find that "higher-quality fixtures include flush-mounted controls, low-gloss materials and chrome instrument surrounds." The only real blemish on the GMC Yukon 2009 interior, according to Edmunds, "is the use of hard plastic for the dash top instead of soft-touch material, though you may only notice that if you tap it, since the graining neatly matches the other surfaces surrounding it."

One of the nice aspects of solid build quality is noise suppression, and the 2009 GMC Yukon handles ambient noise as well as any vehicle on the road. Edmunds reviewers report that "the quietness of the cabin at speed is eerie for something that looks as aerodynamic as a brick."

GMC's Autoride system also brings compliments from many reviewers. ForbesAutos, for example, says of the Autoride system that its "electronically controlled shock absorbers make adjustments according to changing road and driving conditions to help maintain a smooth ride." Kelley Blue Book contends that GMC Yukon 2009 "ride hardly truck-like at all, and it feels secure in curves." ConsumerGuide also praises the "car-like comfort over bumps," and they note "long-wheelbase XL models are slightly more comfortable regardless of tire choice."

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