2009 Scion xB Comfort & Quality

On Comfort & Quality

As Toyota's youth-oriented brand (designed to offer the X and Y generations vehicles their parents wouldn't want), you'd think Toyota's quality reputation would carry over to Scion. Unfortunately, the 2009 Scion xB misses a couple of marks.

Reviews read by are mixed about the Scion xB's interior comfort. Some praise the near-limitless headroom and generous cargo space but also note that the seats can be uncomfortable. The 2009 Scion xB is designed to hold five occupants, and those up front will find "comfortable and supportive" seats with "ample" headroom, though "taller folks may want more legroom," according to ConsumerGuide. Autoblog observes that headroom on the xB Scion has dropped "four and a half inches in back," though adds that the rear seats feature "lots of legroom and a nicely angled backrest." also finds that "the front of the cabin is airy, and there's plenty of headroom for tall passengers" on the 2009 Scion xB, but that can prove to be of little consolation if you're situated in one of the less-than-comfortable seats up front. is especially critical of the driver's armrest: "It's too narrow to be comfortable, but it doesn't fold completely out of the way either, annoying some drivers in either position." ForbesAutos notes, "There's enough room in the back seat to fit two six-footers with legroom to spare, and its cargo hold rivals many larger SUVs with the seats folded flat."

The 2009 Scion xB's comfort is average for its price range, but utility and cargo space are hallmarks.

Speaking of cargo room, which ConsumerGuide says includes "several bins and trays" that "supply handy interior storage," the Scion xB's "cargo area has a handy under-floor bin." Road & Track notes that "cargo volume goes up about half a cubic foot" and calls the 2009 Scion xB "a lesson in interior space efficiency." Edmunds contends "the xB will impress you with its utility."

In reviews read by, there are a few minor quality issues. Car and Driver laments the "knee-banging shifter cabinet," lack of drawers, and map pockets. Otherwise, Motor Trend reports that the "Toyota engineers used tight panel fits and strategically placed sound-deadening material to quell wind noise and road vibration." Still, as attests, "There's noticeable engine noise when you gun it, and it's not particularly refined, either." Overall, Edmunds thinks that the "xB is user-friendly and comfortable." Other reviews of the xB Scion's build and materials quality vary, with ConsumerGuide averring that "the materials are still pleasant for the price" despite the fact that "the interior lacks soft touch surfaces." But Edmunds warns, "Ergonomics leave something to be desired, and many of the interior plastics seem a bit low-budget even for this class of car."

The 2009 Scion xB's road noise characteristics are described by ConsumerGuide as "generally well controlled, though larger bumps pound through loudly." According to Car and Driver, noise is "well-damped." The engine is also tame, and ConsumerGuide considers it "largely unobjectionable" in terms of the noise it generates. Only the squeal of the tires and roll of the body at higher than city speeds interrupt the tunes blasting from the speakers.

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