2008 Honda Odyssey Styling

On Styling

The 2008 Honda Odyssey gets a modest update to its one-box minivan shape, mostly in the form of a new grille and a new front bumper. The new look isn't startlingly good or bad, but it doesn't matter because people don't buy minivans entirely based on looks and emotion.

Autoblog says, "Honda has dressed up the Odyssey with some styling tweaks, including...front bumper fascia." notes that the Honda Odyssey 2008 "continues its trend of exterior and interior changes," and describes one of the changes as "the grille has been reworked to include a bit more chrome in a six-sided design." Car and Driver appreciates the updates, saying, "Now there's a minivan we don't mind driving." Mother Proof agrees, describing the Honda Odyssey as "elegant, poised, smooth...[with] sleek lines and subtle accents."

The 2008 Honda Odyssey gets a few styling tweaks for the new year—nothing radical, though.

Inside, the design is clean and functional, with the one exception of the controls in the center stack. They tend to be scattered about and take some time to get used to., for example, points out the Odyssey's “gearshift lever sits on the instrument panel." ConsumerGuide finds "it's easy to reach but obstructs some controls when in park." Elswhere, ConsumerGuide likes the "large, clearly marked main gauges." Mother Proof says "subtle backlighting creates an elegant view of the instrument panel," and Autoblog points out the "interior has received new colors, textures and fabrics, as well."

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