2008 Nissan Quest Comfort & Quality

On Comfort & Quality

Although the 2008 Nissan Quest is bested in some areas by Honda, feels that its comfort and quality are top-notch.

As Edmunds states, the 2008 Nissan Quest "has more than a few things in its favor," and this applies to comfort and quality. The Nissan Quest offers plenty of passenger space for up to seven people, including the driver, with three rows of seats, including the two bucket seats up front. While there is plenty of room in stylish seats for passengers, believes comfort is lacking, stating, "the bucket seats don't feel as nice as they look." agrees, calling the Nissan Quest "uncomfortable." ConsumerGuide points out that "tall folks may need more seat travel," although they also note that all models have adjustable pedals and seats for the driver. Headroom and legroom are both plentiful, and ConsumerGuide likes that there is "adult-sized room in the 2nd and 3rd rows."

The 2008 Nissan Quest offers a lot of room for passengers and plenty of storage space for any family. praises the new Nissan 2008 Quest model's aforementioned "improved dash layout," as well as prodigious storage space, and says Nissan has created a vehicle that is "fine for covering the daily commute or running errands." This is particularly true when you need a vehicle that will seat more than six people, and particularly if you need to store large items or groceries while still allowing passengers some room.

It also has a lot of room for small-item storage, including many cubbies and a front console, not to mention the cargo room and its flexibility. ConsumerGuide raves that the Nissan Quest 2008 model's "fold-flat seats are handy," allowing for plenty of cargo room. They also point out that the Quest provides "numerous storage cubbies" and the third row folds down for more storage space when necessary. As says, "There's 32.3 cubic feet of room behind the Quest's third row; folding it into the floor raises the total to 87.7 cubic feet." The only complaint about the seat is that they fold flat against the floor instead of into it, like some competitors of the Nissan 2008 Quest.

Not only does the 2008 Quest provide plenty of passenger room, but the quality and design of interior materials is also impressive. ConsumerGuide states, "materials are an attractive and upscale mix of colors and textures," and notes a couple of rough-edged trim pieces in its test model, but says the interior's quality was otherwise "free of imperfections."

There are differing opinions where travel noise is concerned. ConsumerGuide says that the "Quest is in line with quieter minivans," while calls it "noisy."

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